“The Documentary Month” 2019-2020 – Cinema La Compagnia – Tuesday, January 14, 9:00 p.m.

NON È SOGNO (Not a Dream), by Giovanni Cioni (Italy, 2019, 95′) with the director in-person

A film born from a workshop in the prison of Perugia from the evidence of the dialogues between Totò and Ninetto Davoli in Che cosa sono le nuvole? by Pier Paolo Pasolini and fragments of La Vida es Sueño by Calderón de Barca. The rehearsals become the starting point for stories of dreams, messages, songs, reflections on the human condition. It is life, staged. A life to which we no longer know if we belong, to which we dream of returning, but also of delaying.

Presented in international competition at the 60th edition of the Festival dei Popoli, the film is scheduled at the Cinema La Compagnia in Florence on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at 21:00.


Now in its sixth edition, “The Documentary Month” is one of the most representative events dedicated to the spread of the cinema of reality in Italy. A “widespread festival” that offers the best of Italian and international documentary production in Rome and in a territorial network that involves major Italian cities. The festival will also be held in Florence, and will be at La Compagnia between December and January 2020.