Cinema La Compagnia in Florence hosts “Prime visioni” a series of events, proposed by the Festival dei Popoli Archives, with documentaries made at the beginning of their careers by today’s famous filmmakers.

Seeing, or rediscovering, these works on the big screen allows us not only to propose to today’s audience works of high quality, but also to verify if it is true that in the debut works there are the constitutive elements of a poetics laterly deepened in most mature productions.

1st appointment – Sunday 16 February, 7.00 p.m.

Terra di mezzo, by Matteo Garrone (Italy, 1996, 78′)

[ The Film ] Composed of three episodes tied together by a common theme, Terra di mezzo focuses on the outskirts of big cities, populated by creatures living difficult and marginalized lives. The film is striking for the lucid gaze shown by his author (then 28 years old) and for the indissoluble bond that, in his Cinema, links a certain landscape (in this case, the desolatation of metropolitan suburbs) to the deeply marked destinies of its inhabitants.

[ The Filmmkaer ] Matteo Garrone (Rome, 1968) is one of the most representative authors of contemporary Italian cinema, with works of great international success such as Gomorra (2008 winner of the Special Jury Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival and the David di Donatello), Dogman (2018) and the recently released Pinocchio (2019).


La Baracca, by Pietro Marcello (Italy, 2005, 26′)

Naples. Maurizio, a young homeless, settled on the steps leading to Corso Vittorio Emanuele and there, one piece at a time, he set up his shack. A theatrical play… in the open air.

Il passaggio della linea, by Pietro Marcello (Italy, 2007, 57′)

On board the express trains, which cross the peninsula day and night in an eternal comings and goings, the time of the journey coincides with that of waiting: an existential suspension between what is left behind and what awaits us. Pietro Marcello elaborates the filmic matter (images, sound, music) to transform an action quite ordinary as taking a train into a multisensory and dreamlike experience.

[ The Filmmkaer ] Pietro Marcello (Caserta, 1976) with Bella e perduta (2015) and Martin Eden (2019), in competition at the 76th Venice Film Festival, has established himself as one of the most interesting and innovative contemporary filmmakers.

Cinema La Compagnia

Via Cavour, 50/r, Firenze

Tickets – Full price: € 5,00 – Reduced ticket: € 4,00

The rieview, curated by the Festival dei Popoli in collaboration with Fondazione Sistema Toscana, is part of the collaborative project for the conservation and enhancement of archives that involves the Region of Tuscany and the Archival and Bibliographic Superintendence of Tuscany.