One of the most beloved and award-winning films of the 59th Festival dei Popoli, LA REGINA DI CASETTA (The Queen of Casetta) by Francesco Fei (Italy, 2018, 79′), winner of the distribution award “ – CG Entertainment”, is now available, in DVD and Video On Demand, in the edition published by CG Entertainment for the series “Popoli Doc – I documentari del Festival dei Popoli”.

Gregoria is the only girl left in Casetta di Tiara, a small village lost in the Upper Mugello, inhabited by eleven people, eight of whom are retired. The passage of the seasons, in this remote part of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, with its natural rituals, chestnut picking, wild boar hunting and snow in winter, accompanies Gregoria’s days, those of her parents and fellow countrymen. But Gregoria will not stay in this magical and timeless place for much longer: in September she will have to move to the valley to attend high school, and that moment will mark the end of the film. Dino Campana’s immortal verses contribute to the fairytale atmosphere of the film.

“A generational film that tells a small world, a contemporary fairy tale marked by the rhythms of Dino Campana’s Canti Orfici, a hymn to life and a place that will never be the same again”.

Festival and Awards:

Festival dei Popoli 2018: “ – CG Entertainment” Award.

Trieste Film Festival 2019: Official Selection

Trento Film Festival 2019: Dolomites Award, Unesco World Heritage, Genziana d’Oro CAI – Italian Alpine Club

Extra (DVD edition):

The Poems – Cut scenes