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From 26th to 29th of November Festival dei Popoli presents Doc at Work – Future Campus, an observatory from which you can look at the future of the international documentary. The 12 films that make up the programm offer a list of a new generation of filmmakers that were formed in European schools. It is an occasion to learn more about new paths in the relation between cinema and reality.

The schools that are involved in this 4th edition are: CSC – Palermo; CISA; Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti; ERG – École de Recherche Graphique; ECAM; FAMU; HFF München; INSAS; La Fémis; LUCA; Master en Documental de Creación – UPF; NABA.

This project has been created thanks to the support of Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Toscana Film Commission and Cinema La Compagnia  which have believed in a project that aspires to become a point of reference for the new generations of documentary filmmakers, and that guides them in that moment of great possibilities, uncertainties and enthusiasm which is the construction of the cinema profession as a career choice and a way of life.

In addition to the selection of the 12 documentaries, cinema school students will participate in a formative journey with filmmakers and experts of the sector and in a panel which is related to the production of documentaries in collaboration with CNA Toscana..

Around the Night
by Vassili Schemann
Belgium, Poland, 2020, 20
A community of Polish miners gather every week to give birth to a polyphonic choir. Music is the only solution to face an uncertain future.

Intre Montes
by Antonio Valerio Frascella
Switzerland, Italy, 2020, 22′, col.
Returned from over thirty years of prison, an ex lifer comes back to his homeland but now it is haunted.

by Joy Maurits
Belgium, 2019, 18′.
In a sports center boys and girls talk about their bodies that are changing, relationships and attraction, with freedom, curiosity and desire.

Keep Shiftin’
by Verena Wagner
Germany, Berlin, 21 min.
The timeless atmosphere of the night shift in a great glassworks, between fascination for the physicality of the job and the magic of the creation.

Water that doesn’t rain
by Emanuele Cantò
Italy, 2019, 16”.
In a suspended atmosphere, three brothers spend their summer in Italy, an interlude of another life. The season flows slowly, dense and light, slowly becoming a memory

Mat et les gravitantes
by Pauline Pénichout
France, 2019, 25′
In a squat of Nantes, Mat organizes a laboratory of self-gynecology. An intimate look at the awareness of one’s own body as the centre of the political struggle.

Play Me, I’m Yours
by Julia Palmieri
Belgium, 2020, 14′.
A patchwork made up of Polaroids and videos filmed with a cellphone creates an inner monologue in which friendship, love, relationships and sex intertwine with each other.

Pripyat Piano
by Eliška Cílková
Czech Republic, 2020, 18′
On the outskirts of Černobyl’, only abandoned pianos have survived thirty years of raids. A tribute to the evocative power of music and to the regenerative strength of nature.

Radio Riders
by Fabio Corbellini, Paola Piscitelli
Italy, 2020, 13′, col.
One of the dark sides of our cities: the incessant work of the delivery guys who take care of home deliveries for large platforms in precarious conditions

by Federico Cammarata
Italy, 2020, 29
Salvo is forty years old, sells melons on the highway, lives with his parents and dedicates his own free time to his goldfinches. It is a different way of looking at the so-called “normality”.

Something is Burning
Macarena Astete, Victoria Maréchal, Nicolás Tabilo
Spain, Chile, Argentina, 2020, 22′.
October 2019: after several popular protests, Chile is on the warpath and in the city of Antofagasta the little kid Etienne sees buildings and vehicles around him go up in flames.

Wan Ju Wu
by Isabela Quintana Bianchi
Spain, 2020, 16′
In a brothel of tech dolls , which are always available to satisfy every desire, there is a grey area in which sexuality reveals the alliance between patriarchate and capitalism.

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The Festival dei Popoli has always aimed to be a meeting place, for this reason we thought to create different spaces in which to dialogue with authors, staff and spectators.

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Out of the underground darkness, far from the deafening noise of the machineries, a group of miners gather weekly to sing in a polyphonic choir. Autour d’eux la nuit casts a sensitive gaze on a community of workers in the biggest copper reserve in Poland, who find in music the right antidote against the uncertainties of their work future.


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Vassili Schémann

Born in Paris in 1996 and trained as a musician, Vassili Schémann discovered cinema in high school, where his taste for documentaries and “cinéma du réel” began. After he graduated from high school, he entered the University of Paris 8 in Saint Denis in cinema. After two years of studies entered the INSAS in the Direction section. Since then, he has directed documentaries and fictions, and is also interested in radio creation. For next year he is working on a theatre production and a short fiction film.