Cinema La Compagnia – scheduled from 02 January to 11 February 2020

The connection between the words of PJ Harvey and the photographs of Seamus Murphy. In collaboration with the Festival dei Popoli.

Singer-songwriter and musician PJ Harvey and award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy have created an extraordinary collaboration. In search of direct experiences on some of the countries on which he intended to write, PJ Harvey accompanied Murphy on a trip to Afghanistan, Kosovo, Washington, to make some of his international reportages. While Murphy was collecting images, the musician was collecting words. Once home the words became poems and songs, then a record, recorded at Somerset House in London.

Murphy manages, without portraying it, to convey the musician’s view of the world and to tell the story of his inspiration and creative process. It’s something difficult to make, without being didactic, and yet the photographer, at his first direction, magically manages to do it. We start from Kabul, the place that returns most often in the film, with a child with his nose leaning against the window and a destroyed cinema. Then Harvey walks down the street and, with her subtle voice, shares some thoughts about the city. They are notes, material for composing songs, and are among the few words of a film that involves without giving too many explanations. (Nicola Falcinella on

Presented as Italian premiere at the 60th the Festival dei Popoli, the film is being released at the La Compagnia di Firenze Cinema from 02 January to 11 February 2020.

A Dog Called Money, by Seamus Murphy (UK, 2019, 90′) Original version with Italian subtitles


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