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Since its beginning, the Festival dei Popoli has taken on the connotation of an international event, receiving regard from authors and production houses around the world.

The large variety of films collected in the Festival dei Popoli Archives reflects the evolution of documentary cinema over the last 60 years. The Archives cover a broad spectrum of itineraries of human experience: Anthropology and Sociology, historical and political processes, Current Affairs, Way of Life, Society, Information, Art, reflection on the media and the impact of new technologies, Ecology and the Environment, public and private memory, and many others.

Festival dei Popoli 21esima edizione

In 2019, a project aimed at integrating the audiovisual Archives of Festival dei Popoli within that of Mediateca Toscana was launched, as part of the Agreement for the enhancement of the Archival and Bibliographic Heritage, the coordination of interventions and protection in the field of Archives and Libraries between the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Archival and Bibliographic Superintendence of Tuscany and the Tuscan Region. The project foresees the progressive arrangement, digitisation and cataloguing of over 15,000 documentary titles selected from Festival dei Popoli Archives within the Mediateca Toscana Digital Platform.

The possibility of carrying out studies, research and in-depth studies through the consultation of an international audiovisual heritage (more than 92 countries are represented) available in a single archive, through an online catalogue with bilingual Italian-English files, indexed with keywords, amplifies the international scope of the archives, especially for the presence, alongside the works of recognised masters of the genre, of many thousands of films of international origin which have not enjoyed widespread distribution and which remain, to date, waiting to be studied and enhanced. The very nature of the documentary, i.e. the visual documentation of facts and events, is of great interest not only to those who carry out historical and critical studies on cinema, but also to many other disciplines, both humanistic and technical-scientific, which have found in audiovisuals a profitable area of investigation.

News Archive Festival dei Popoli

Throughout the year, the Institute organizes and promotes events for the enhancement of the archives, in the form of festivals, cycles of meetings and screenings, and thematic insights. These events, aimed both at the general public and at professionals and students, can also be carried out in collaboration with other partners with a view to synergy.

Female gaze

17 October 2022

All the films in the Diamonds Are Forever section curated by Alina Marazzi for the 63rd Festival dei Popoli, a journey through women’s documentary cinema ranging from the 1970s to our present

Sergei Loznitsa

12 September 2022

Sergei Loznitsa at “Cinema Lessons.” the online series of meetings of the Festival dei Popoli. Workshop available for free for a month starting Sept. 23 on our Vimeo channel or on More Company.

Claire Simon

11 August 2022

Claire Simon at “Cinema Lessons”, the Festival dei Popoli online meeting series. Workshop available for free for one month starting Aug. 23 on our Vimeo channel or on More Company.

Jos de Putter

12 July 2022

The third meeting of the “Film Lessons” cycle of the Festival dei Popoli is dedicated to filmmaker Jos de Putter. All workshops are available free online for 30 days, starting on the 23rd of each month.

Raymond Depardon and Claudine Nougaret

13 June 2022

Raymond Depardon and Claudine Nougaret is the second meeting in the “Film Lessons” cycle of the Festival dei Popoli. Online workshops are available for free for one month on our Vimeo channel or on Più Compagnia.

On Writing in Documentary Film

16 May 2022

On Writing in documentary films is the first meeting of the “Film Lessons” cycle of the Festival dei Popoli. Online workshop available for free for a month on our Vimeo channel or on Più Compagnia

Here come the Cinema Lessons

10 May 2022

A series of virtual meetings with some of the major filmmakers in activity, guests of the Festival dei Popoli during the past editions.
Each lesson will be available for the duration of 1 month with free access.

Facciamo il Punto

10 November 2021

Thursday 18 November the Festival dei Popoli takes part in the event Facciamo il Punto, a meeting for the protection and enhancement of archives and libraries in Tuscany

The Red Utopia at the Festival dei Popoli

20 October 2021

Diamonds Are Forever – Red Utopia is the review of the 62nd Festival dei Popoli dedicated to what the USSR represented during the twentieth century and made up of documentaries from the Festival’s archive.

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