Florence, 14th- 21th November 2008

International documentary film festival

November 16th - Our guests today

Colle Bereto
Piazza degli Strozzi, 5

12 AM
Meeting Point

Cinema Odeon

3 PM
Pilar Monsell, director of "Distancias"
Andreas Kassel, director of "La favola del pennello" and Tonino Guerra

5 PM
Gideon Koppel, director of "Sleep Furiously"

7 PM
Alberto Fasulo, director of "Rumore Bianco"
Alessandro Rossetto, producer of "Rumore Bianco"

9.30 PM
José Luis Guerín, director of "Una fotos en la ciudad de Sylvia"
Incidental music performance

Cinema Auditorium Stensen

5 PM
A Baltic Diagonal (Estonia)
Meeting with Mark Soosaar and Andres Sööt

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