Florence November 25th – December 2nd 2016

International documentary film festival


Wednesday, november 30th, La Compagnia, ore 11:00 - In collaboration with Regione Toscana - Festa della Toscana 2016

Eye for an eye
by Steve Bache, Mahyar Goudarzi, Louise Peter
(Germany, 2016, 5’)

At the Festa della Toscana 2016 , the 57th edition of Festival dei Popoli projects, at the cinema La Compagnia , the film Eye for an eye , which tells the story of Frederick Baer, ​​held on death row in the Indian State Prison. After the screening of the documentary, there will be a performance of the singer Simone Cristicchi, who will recite the unpublished monologue, composed for the occasion, titled The last condemned . "I play a convict - said Cristicchi - which is one but it can be everyone. It’s a kind of farewell letter that closes with a message of hope. " At the end of the monologue the artist will perform two songs related to the popular Tuscan tradition. Cristicchi will be accompanied by guitarist Gianmarco Nucciotti .

Eugenio Giani , Chairman of the Regional Council, will partecipate in the event.

The Festa della Toscana celebrates the anniversary of the most important reform of Leopold II November, 30th 1768 decreed the abolition of the death penalty, making the Grand Duchy of Tuscany was the first in the world to carry out this act of absolute civilization.

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