Florence November 25th – December 2nd 2016

International documentary film festival


Friday, December 2nd, La Compagnia, 3:00 pm

di Giovanni Cioni
(Italy, France, Belgium, 2015, 92’)

“Dear Silvano, when we met, one December night, you asked me to come along. You wanted to go back there, to the place where you have survived. I am always down there, you told me. Alive, alone, disbelieving existence. We began the journey. You have had to survive, again.” [G. Cioni] The story of Silvano Lippi told by the protagonist himself, a soldier in Greece in 1943, taken prisoner by the Germans, deported to Mauthausen, and then assigned to the gas chambers. The lm is about him, from the return. An endless return, forever unanswered.

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