Florence November 25th – December 2nd 2016

International documentary film festival


Tuesday, November 29th, La Compagnia, 11 am – Free entrance


Public Meeting with the Filmmakers

Tuesday, November 29th, La Compagnia, 3:00 pm


by Ognjen Glavonić
(Serbia, France, 2016, 80’)

Like in a thriller movie, Depth Two opens on a truck found in the Danube at the Serb-Romanian border: inside there were 55 corpses of Albanian civils, the hidden proof of a war crime. While NATO bombs fell on Belgrade, in Suva Reka, in a Kosovo asking for independence, the Serb police locked the village inhabitants in a pizza restaurant and slaughtered them brutally. Ognjen Glavonić leads us into a not too distant past, where the depositions of victims and oppressors do not spare us the pain and surreal atrocity of a story “deliberately buried in silence.”

Tuesday, november 29th, La Compagnia, 4:30 pm


by Luís Henrique Leal, Caio Zatti
(Brazil, 2016, 9’)

The film-maker places his camera in front of the protective wall of a Brazilian city, and something unexpected slips into the frame – a detail that becomes key, inevitable. That film frame allows realizing a sophisticate travel-essay about the story and intricate web of social relationships that all images evoke.

Tuesday, november 29th, La Compagnia, 4:30 pm


by Zhu Rikun
(China, Switzerland, 2016, 60’)

Like in a dark nightmare. During a survey in the Sichuan region (South-west China), Zhu Rikun is stopped by police and subjected to a long, exhausting questioning on the reasons why he was in that area. Like serpent’s coils slowly wrapping its prey, the words of the officers weave a web of questions, pressures, insinuations stifling the film-maker. He resists demurely but adamantly.

Tuesday, November 29th, La Compagnia, 6:30 pm

by Cesar Paes
(Madagascar, France, Germany, 2016, 75’)

Songs for Madagascar offers an intimate journey across the island of Madagascar and its music It closely follows the creative work of a group of musicians and shows their encounters with local communities. Songs are more effective than long speeches. Through the medium of an entertaining and thought-provoking film by awardwinning director Cesar Paes working in close collaboration with the artists and with researchers at Southampton University brings to the attention of audiences in Madagascar, Europe and worldwide issues of global significance.

Tuesday, November 29, La Compagnia, 8.30 pm

THE ROLLING STONES OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ!: A Trip Across Latin America
by Paul Dugdale
(UK, 2016, 105’)

A road movie in the wake of The Rolling Stones’ tour in early 2016 which took the band in ten cities of Latin America. Electrifying live performances are combined with a more intimate gaze close to the world of the legendary band. The tour’s last and concert took place in Havana, in front of over one million people, with an incredibly exciting, memorable performance.

Tuesday, November 29th, La Compagnia, 10:30 pm


by Koldo Almandoz
(Spain, 2016, 67’)

A journey across ghost ships, legends, stories of men and travels, cinema, ghosts, and vampires. Oscar Wilde, Murnau’s Nosferatu, Bram Stoker become the characters of a visionary and poetic film-essay made of fragments of pictures, letters, visions of ships and travels, famous characters and thousands of stories, both fantastic and real.

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