Florence November 25th – December 2nd 2016

International documentary film festival


Wednesday, November 30th, Istituto Francese, 7:00 pm

Beyrouth Hôtel
Beirut Hotel

by Danielle Arbid
(France, Lebanon, 2011, 99’)

Zoha, a Lebanese young chanteuse of a night club who is trying to get rid of her controlling, oppressive ex-husband, and Mathieu, a French attorney on a business trip who will end up as a suspect for espionage, meet one night in Beirut. For ten days, they will live a love story made of fear, desire, intrigues, and violence. A crossover of spy story and noir, Beirut Hotel portrays a relationship on a knife-edge that reflects a country still walking the line between war and peace, where anything can happen at any moment.

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