Florence November 25th – December 2nd 2016

International documentary film festival


"I want to be as close to my fictional characters as I am to those of my documentaries. I want to live parallel lives, not just tell stories; feel strong states of mind and sensations.

My feature films, the way I perceive them, are like documentaries on my characters. I use a lot close-ups and long focus shoots to penetrate the universe that I create and purloin moments from it, forgetting the reality of the shooting as much as possible.

I have frequently filmed sex. I believe this is a prerogative of mine, as woman and as person of Arab origin. With the portrayal of bodies, and the grace that emanates from them, I try to get close to painting. I am always trying to embellish, exalt the actors. Of course, the show business is always part of making a film, but the most extraordinary thing about cinema is the risk component. You never know the result you’ll get in the end. Coming from a family of gamblers – my father was a poker player – I adore this aspect. When I make a film, I don’t take anything for granted. Shooting sex scenes is even more risky, even in Europe, in some ways. On the other hand, in my culture of origin, the Lebanese, where almost all of my films are forbidden, it’s even worse.

Nonetheless, I yearn incessantly for every film to be as burning as possible, in both substance and form as well as in the manner it is realized." (D. Arbid)

Born in Beirut in 1970, Danielle Arbid left from Lebanon at 17 years of age to study Literature at the Sorbonne and Journalism at the Centre de Formation des Journalistes of Paris and Brussels. In 1996, she wrote Scénario sensual et pervers, an interactive project for the contemporary art site Icono et Cie. In 1997, after working as journalist for the French press for five years, she wrote and directed her first short feature, Raddem (1998). In 2000, her career as documentary film-maker takes off with the medium-length documentary Seule avec la guerre, presented at several International Film Festivals such as Locarno, Hot Docs, Viennale, also awarded with a Special Mention of the Jury at the 41st Festival dei Popoli.
In 2002, she created the video installation Conversation de salon 1 for the MAK in Vienna. Over the following years, the project has taken on the dimension of documentary series and has reached the production of the seventh episode (still unreleased).
In 2005, she recorded the radio documentary This Smell of Sex for Radio France Culture. Three years on, departing from the same sound recordings and using the images found in a Super 8 she bought at a flea market, she made a documentary short with the same title.
Between 1998 and 2015, she has directed fourteen films including short-, medium-, and full-length films that have been presented and awarded at major International Film Festivals. Danielle Arbid has also realized photo exhibitions and music videos.
Danielle Arbid was involved in the organization of the Born in Beirut Film Festival, which bore a special interest in film prints, presenting a wide selection of vintage Super 8 films as well as Super 8 works by young filmmakers.

The 57th Festival dei Popoli is proud to present DANS LE CHAMPS DE BATAILLE: THE CINEMA OF DANIELLE ARBID .

The workshop is scheduled on Friday, December 2nd, from 2,30 pm to 5,30 pm Duration: 3h (approximately)

Language: English

Limited enrollment

Partecipating fee: € 50,00
For owners of Festival dei Popoli Accreditation Pass: € 45,00

Send your request (specify the title of the workshop) together with your CV to: workshop@festivaldeipopoli.org

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