Florence October 10th – 17th, 2017

International documentary film festival


Sunday, October 15th, Institut français, 5:00pm

by Vincent Dieutre
France, 2017, 66’

Dear Alain, I’ve arrived in Florence. I will make this film about you, without you, and perhaps it’s for the best. The walls of the churches in Florence are familiar with renunciation, asceticism, and holiness. I will keep a sort of diary here taking inspiration from you (Alain Cavalier), who do that so well. In one word, I will admire you from a distance. Who knows? Will I get an answer? For me only? Made of words and pictures?”

Sunday, October 15th, Institut français, 6:30pm

by Alain Cavalier
France, 2005, 97’

The first shots in this film were made in 1994, at which time I started preferring a camera to a pen as a means to keeping a diary. The most recent shots were made in 2005. More than ten years of a life mine have been condensed into one hundred minutes of screen- time. All in all, a mass of tape was recorded, much of it unusable, unshowable or incomprehensible. The difficulty was choosing and ordering the material in such a way as to identify and give meaning to what was unsayable. When a camera is used as a live action tool, there is no commentary. The aim is not to make meaning, but to live your life with a camera. Perhaps, one day, I shall re-edit this material to generate a different story per-haps a better one, who knows?

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