Florence October 10th – 17th, 2017

International documentary film festival


Saturday, October 14th, La Compagnia, 11:00am


Public meeting with the filmmakers

Saturday, October 14th, La Compagnia, 3:30pm

by Lidia Sheinin
Russia, 2017, 60’

A small apartment filled with the mementos of a whole life is the backdrop of the forced cohabitation between the elderly owner and her granddaughter’s family, i.e. a brood of four lively, unruly children. The film describes the evolution of the relationships and the web of the affections inside the overcrowded house with musical taste, irony, and a soft touch.

Saturday, October 14th, La Compagnia, 5:00pm

by Helen Yanovsky
Israel, Palestine, 2017, 21’

Since the Hebron Agreement in 1997, Hebron, the biggest city in the West Bank, is divided into two sectors: H1 and H2. Freedom of movement for Palestinians is extremely limited in H2 and social life in this part of the city has come to a halt. Every day, soldiers arrest children they associate with throwing stones and other actions. 12-year-old Palestinian Muhammad Burqan also lives in H2 with his large family. He is one of the boys who often come into conflict with the military.

Saturday, October 14th, La Compagnia, 5:00pm

The Call
by Enrico Maisto
Italy, 2017, 57’

Appeal Court of Assizes, Milan. Morning. An unfamiliar, empty room accommodates a few people summoned there, on that day, without grounds. Their eyes look dazed, the half exchanges between them are cautious. At this point, the viewer is wonderfully, unexpectedly let into an intricate world made of whispered comments, breaths, silences, questions, and quiet confessions from strangers to strangers. These are the fragments of faces and thoughts belonging to the unknown individuals chosen for the trial jury of the Milan Appeal Court of Assizes, that is working on the most well-known massacres and crimes of the past few decades in Italy.

Saturday, October 14th, La Compagnia, 7:00pm

Of Sheep and Men
by Karim Sayad
Switzerland, France, Qatar, 2017, 78’

Immersed in a landscape constantly scorched by the sun and covered in dust, the film describes a contest that is rooted in a forgotten past but still very popular at present, in which Rams are set to fight against each other. An entire community of aficionados revolves around these rough, grisly games, with onlookers, some people betting, and others hoping to bring in the arena the next champion that will give them glory and money. Apparently, there is no room for tenderness in this archaic, all-male world save for the eyes of those who dream their future.

Saturday, October 14th, La Compagnia, 9:00pm

by Stephen Kijak
UK, Japan, USA, 2017, 95’

Under the enigmatic guidance of the drummer, pianist, composer, and producer Yoshiki, X Japan have sold over 30 million singles and albums. They count fans such as Sir George Martin, Kiss, Stan Lee, and even the emperor of Japan. We Are X tells the incredible story of the Japanese heavy metal band that created a unique cultural phenomenon departing from the Eighties up to their 2014 memorable performance at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

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