Florence October 10th – 17th, 2017

International documentary film festival

The poster of the 58th Festival dei Popoli

The Poster of the 58th Festival dei Popoli is dedicated to the focus, entitled Domino Effect - Dreams and Nightmares of Contemporary Power, which - through a crossroad to the whole program - examines the highest aspirations and the most dangers deriving from Power. A way to discuss not only about the mechanisms through which Power is exercised, but also the opportunity to analyze the role played by Media, Cinema and Images in the definition of a shared imagination, developed for the purpose to produce consensus. Much has been written, said, and filmed on the ways power uses the image; much less on how images contribute to power, use it, perpetuate it, and question it.

Effetto domino stems from the need of taking a break and making a reflection as well as sharing the anxiety caused by a power that generates ever more nightmares and fewer dreams. It is also a way to observe our times as a process made of interconnected facts – a process in which all of us are responsible and involved to some degree.


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