Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival

  • Special events

    This section presents films of certified entertaining value celebrating documentary film at its best.

  • International competitions

    The film selection consists in 21 documentaries that are Italian premieres and is aimed to showcase the wealth of themes and the variety in styles that characterize contemporary documentary. The films in competition stand out for the originality of subject matter and the authors’ personal imprint recognizable in the storytelling.

  • Panorama

    This section is made of seven feature-length documentaries that are Italian premieres and reflect 2014 Italian film production. These films are in competition to win the "CG Home Video - cinemaitaliano.info" Award (home video distribution) and the “Gli Imperdibili” Award (distribution in the Art-house Cinema Circuit of Tuscany).

  • Sui generi(s)

    This selection of films, with various nationalities and durations, explores the vocation of documentary towards the canons of classic genre cinema ranging from western to horror, sci-fi to musical, animation to erotic film.

  • Like Every Grain of Sand: the cinema of Jos de Putter

    Jos de Putter is an internationally acclaimed Dutch film director and also a powerful storyteller. De Putter focuses on real stories. He then processes them carefully, always referring to pure cinematic devices, transforming them in captivating narratives and entrancing fables with a universal scope. This section is organized in collaboration with the Eye Film Institute (Amsterdam). On the occasion of this retrospective, Jos de Putter will hold a workshop entitled “Truth and Fiction in Documentary Cinema”.

  • Journeys to Italy with Vincent Dieutre

    Vincent Dieutre is deeply tied to Italy. This relationship is interwoven between his troubled personal history and the social, political, and cultural dynamics that have affected Italian history from the late 1970’s onwards. From Bologna to Palermo, from Rome to Naples, Vincent Dieutre has managed to describe the Italy of the years of terrorism as well as the country of “Berlusconism” through the lens of his interest in the arts, the theme of homosexuality, and the inner developments of his personal universe. This section is organized along with the Embassy of France, French Cultural Institute in Italy, and French Cultural Institute in Florence.

  • The Trades of Cinema: Homage to Dominique Auvray

    Trades are the soul of cinema. This year, Festival dei Popoli wants to highlight one of the most essential trades in the making of a film: Editing. Therefore, the Festival will pay a tribute to an internationally acclaimed ‘craftswoman’ of cinema, Dominique Auvray, who has edited the films of such film directors as Benoît Jacquot, Philippe Garrel, Marguerite Duras, Barbet Schroeder, Claire Denis, Wim Wenders, Vincent Dieutre, Nobuhiro Suwa, Pedro Costa, and many others. Among the films edited by Auvray, we will screen Le Camion by Marguerite Duras, whose birth centenary is celebrated this year, as well as Duras et le cinéma, that Auvray also directed. The section is realized in collaboration with Embassy of France, Institut Français Italia, and Institut Français Firenze. On the occasion of the homage, Dominique Auvray will hold a workshop entitled “Making films: thought at work. From project development to editing”.

  • Reality is More

    A non-competitive section focussed on Reality, the great, relentless originator of stories. Everyday stories that involve all of us. True stories that go beyond our imagination. Stories bearing a direct connection with current events. This section offers a sampling...

  • Other Events