Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival

  • Duras et le Cinéma

    France 2014 60'
    Directed by: Dominique Auvray
    “Film interrupts text. It strikes to death its child, imagery. In here lies its virtue: to close. To interrupt imagination. This interruption, this closure, is what we call ‘film’. Cinema knows: it has never been able to replace text. Nevertheless, it tries to. Text only is the indefinite bearer of images – cinema knows that”. [M. Duras]
    Combining archival pictures, readings, quotations, memories, and film excerpts, Dominique Auvray guides us through a journey for the discovery of Marguerite Duras’s cinema. We will see the work of Dominique’s beloved Marguerite “through her eyes and her films.”

    watch the interview with the filmmaker

    2014 Sunday, November 30th, Istituto Francese, 5:30 pm

  • Le camion

    France 1977 76'
    Directed by: Marguerite Duras - Montaggio/Editing: Dominique Auvray
    In 1977, Le Camion represented France at the Cannes Film Festival and challenged the boundaries of film. “I describe what the film could have been if it had been filmed”, said Duras. Ingredients were a novelist, Marguerite Duras, an actor, Gérard Depardieu, a desk, and a film script. The plot was about a middle-aged woman who carries a suitcase and hitchhikes. A truck driver gives her a lift. She begins to talk.

    2014 Sunday, November 30th, Istituto Francese, 7:00 pm

  • Orlando ferito / Roland blessé
    Roland Wounded

    France 2013 121'
    Directed by: Vincent Dieutre Montaggio/Editing: Dominique Auvray
    In 1975, Pasolini bitterly proclaimed the extinction of fireflies, symbolizing the pure and uncorrupt people, due to the birth of a new fascism originating the cultural and political death of the western world. After almost forty years, Dieutre lands in a Sicily marked by mafia, marginalities, homosexuality seen as a shame and the stories of migrants approaching Lampedusa and he will find right there a chance of survival and social reorganization. He will discover that fireflies have not already disappeared.

    watch the interview with the filmmaker

    2014 Saturday, November 29th, Odeon, 6:30 pm

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