Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival


    This section presents high-value entertainment films to celebrate top-level documentary cinema.


    The film selection consists in 21 documentaries that are Italian premieres. The international competition is aimed to showcase the wealth of themes and the variety in styles that characterize contemporary documentary. The films in competition stand out for the originality of subject matter and the authors’ personal imprint.


    This section is made of 8 feature-length documentaries that are Italian premieres and reflect the 2015 Italian film production. These films are in competition to win the "CG Entertainment - cinemaitaliano.info" Award (home video distribution) and the “Gli Imperdibili” Award (distribution in the Art-house Cinema Circuit of Tuscany).

  • Images of the verb To Love: the documentaries of Mary Jimenez

    Mary Jimenez is a Peruvian filmmaker who lives in Belgium. Her works includes a series of autobiographical reflections as well as a wonderful gallery of women and men whose portraits describe life stories both difficult and filled with humanity. Hers is an observational ‘Cinema of the Encounter’. This section is organized in collaboration with WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles International).


    This year "The Trades of Cinema" is focused on photography, analysing one of Europe’s most representative cineastes and directors of photography: the Polish Wojciech Staroń. With a selection of award-winning films he has directed or photographed (Locarno Grand Prix Semaine de la Critique, Silver Bear for Best Photography at Berlinale, Prix du Cinéma du Réel, Best Director at Festival dei Popoli just to mention a few), Staroń will describe how the empathy and emotions of a camera operator are reflected on the big screen. This section is organized in collaboration with Istituto Polacco di Roma, Polish Film Institute, and Krakow Film Foundation. The filmmaker will also hold a workshop entitled “The Empathic Camera."

  • Ali in the City - Contemporary Migration Patterns: Drifts and Destinations

    What lies behind the landings in Lampedusa, the families crowding the stairs of the Budapest train station, the young men and women clinging to the cliffs in Ventimiglia? With multitudes of migrants arriving in Europe, the geometric order of daily space seems out of joint. But the actual invasion is the one coming from images: whether menacing or filled with pietism, accompanied by hate speech and scared thoughts. This cycle of films is the way we chose to rebel against homologating words and pictures, unearthing the life (and death) behind the journey of those who risk their lives for a chance at a lifetime. On Wednesday, December 2nd there will be a panel discussion entitled: "Uncommon Place(s) for a Differente Narrative of Migrations".

  • ACID Selection for the 56th Festival dei Popoli

    ACID – Association for the Distribution of Independent Cinema – is an association of film directors based in France that has been promoting the theatrical release of independent films since 1992. Its mission is to encourage the debate between authors and audiences. Every year, ACID filmmakers choose to support 20 to 30 feature-length films, half fictions and half documentaries. To do so, they follow their love for cinema and willingness to give visibility to film directors whose work is poorly distributed. Nine of those films are screened in the ACID parallel section at the Cannes Film Festival. Festival dei Popoli is proud to announce that ACID will present an ad-hoc selection of documentaries at the 56th edition of the Florence Festival as we share the same mission: to support bold film-makers and allow an ever-increasing number of viewers to discover their work. This section is made in collaboration with the Institut français Firenze, Institut français Italia, and the Embassy of France with the participation of SCAM (Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédia, France).

  • De Correspondent

    "The Correspondent" is a Dutch online journalism platform that focuses on background, analysis, investigative reporting, and the kinds of stories that tend to escape the radar of mainstream media because they do not conform to what is normally understood to be "breaking news". This section presents a selection of short films that are effective examples of how investigative journalism can meet the good cinema. Jos de Putter - producer of "De Correspondent" - will hold a masterclass entitled "On the Ground - The Future of (Online) Filmmaking".

  • Sui Generis

    The New Cinema is a new organism, a hybrid in which elements and characters blend, scales of value are reconfigured, different practices intersect and intertwine, and the map of aesthetic references is overturned. A new species of documentary takes new shapes like a chimera, reinterpreting, citing, and rewriting the musical, the horror film, the road movie, and the cinema of animation, stretching existing boundaries.

  • Other Events