Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival

    Door of Ceuta

    Portugal 2008 110'
    Directed by: Frederico Lobo, Pedro Pinho
    Pedro Pinho and Frederico Lobo invite us to cross “the door of Ceuta,” Bab Septa, and reach the throbbing heart of Africa, from which migrants set off for their journeys. Ours is a journey without rhetoric that exposes what goes behind the scenes of an ordeal of hope and despair, exploitation and violence, courage and desire to live. This story should be followed step by step, leaving commonplaces and your living room behind.

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    2015 Friday, December 4th, Odeon, 3:00 pm


    Switzerland 2015 35'
    Directed by: Karim Sayad

    Adlan and Terroriste are two street urchins in Algiers. Their life is made of expedients to earn some dinars, their common passion is the Mouloudia football team, and their only perspective is to sail towards France or Italy. Filmmaker Karim Sayad follows these boys as brother who doesn’t judge, giving us a delicate and merciless film at the same tame.

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    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Odeon, 7:00 pm
    Thursday, December 3rd, Odeon, 10:00 am


    Great Britain 2015 16'
    Directed by: Christian Cerami
    Black Sheep is a lucid, precise and, at the same time, cinematographic overview on racism and Islamophobia in the youth culture of Northern England working class. A young man with a leather jacket is listening to a former inmate wearing a t-shirt in an empty and seedily lit living room. The topic of their discussion is Muslims in Great Britain and the protest that an organized group is going to display in most densely Islamic neighbourhood of the country.

    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Spazio Alfieri, 7:30 pm

    Standing Men

    France, Lebanon 2015 55'
    Directed by: Maya Abdul-Malak
    A microcosm becomes a universe. In a little Internet café, a meeting place of im- migrants, located in Belleville, the Parisian district, the camera watches the trac- es of a man’s life. Moustafa has been away from his native country for many years. The words and gestures of his daily life disclose the complexity of a displaced existence with great sensitivity.

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    2015 Monday, November 30th, Odeon, 5:00 pm
    Wednesday, December 2nd, Odeon, 3:00 pm


    Denmark, Serbia 2015 71'
    Directed by: Vladimir Tomić
    Vladimir Tomić is 12 when he arrives in Copenhagen with his family. They are fleeing Bosnia and Herzegovina, a land ravaged by a terriblewar. Together with thousands of people, they are accommodated on a floating platform called Flotel. This incredible experience is described in the VHS tapes recorded by the refugees and it reaches us in the form of an ironic and intense journal which was sent from the past.

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    2015 Saturday, November 28th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00 pm


    Belgium 2012 61'
    Directed by: Mary Jiménez
    Young men who escaped the photo camera, lost forever at the sea bottom and between dunes of sand, or survived from the waves in order to reach a land that only has more fight to offer them. These are the faceless heroes of Mary Jiménez. From the Brussels hunger strike to the account of a young Cameroonian, passing through the Choucha (Tunisia) refugee camp: three moments of a battle made in the name of the conquest of one’s own life.

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    2015 Friday, November 27th, Oden, 8:00 pm

    The Dead Are Not Dead

    Italy, France 2014 26'
    Directed by: Malik Nejmi

    Florence, December 13th, 2011. Among the crowd and the stalls of the market in Piazza Dalmazia, two Senegalese, Samb Modou and Mor Diop, were mortally wounded by gunshots fired with homicidal fury by a fanatical racist. Malik Nejmi came back to this tragic event alternating images from the collective prayer of the Senegalese community with those from the citizens’ protest against racism.

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    2015 Sunday, November 29th, Odeon, 11:00 am – Free entrance

  • L’ABRI
    The Shelter

    Switzerland 2014 101'
    Directed by: Fernand Melgar
    A winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter for the homeless in Lausanne. Every night, in front of this almost unknown shelter, a dramatic ritual takes place, at times leading up to violent brawls. Guards are tasked with the difficult job of ‘sorting the poor:’ women and children first, then men. Even though the total capacity of the shelter is 100 seats, only 50 ‘elected’ will be admitted inside, obtaining a hot meal and a bed. For the others, instead, the night will be long...

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    2015 Thursday, December 3rd, Odeon, 3:30 pm


    France, Switzerland 2013 100'
    Directed by: Kaveh Bakhtiari

    In a narrow apartment in Athens, Amir and his comrades are waiting for the fake documents that will open the doors to Europe for them. They share games and despair, they confront each other, and remember their beloved ones: these are not only details of daily life but necessary, unique companions in the exhausting wait for an unknown, possibly cruel future. Greece, land of uncertainty amplifying the sense of precariousness, cannot stop the dreams and expectations of those who are forced to “stop over” there.

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    2015 Sunday, November 29th, Istituto francese, 4:30 pm


    France 2015 55'
    Directed by: Omar Ba, Malik Nejmi

    On the shore of Tangier, Malik meets Omar, a young man from Senegal who is in Morocco to get ready for a “self-organized journey across the sea” towards Europe. Together with other young men, they shoot an “illegal film at the border”. Shot with ordinary smartphones, this experiment shows how migrants organize themselves and the hidden strategies which no one else has ever unveiled.

    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00 pm – Free entrance

    Death of the Serpent God

    France 2014 91'
    Directed by: Damien Froidevaux
    Following a scuffle that ended badly, twenty-year-old Koumba is expelled and sent back to Senegal. She had arrived in France at two years of age. Once eighteen, she had disregarded the application for French citizenship. Therefore the troubled Parisian girl, in a matter of 48 hours, found herself in a remote village of the Senegalese countryside, far from her family and her life in Paris. This is the story of a five-year exile, from the news to the tragic epic.

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    2015 Tuesday, December 1st, Spazio Alfieri, 5:30 pm

    Afro-Napoli United

    Italy 2015 75'
    Directed by: Pierfrancesco Li Donni
    Antonio is the president of Afro-Napoli, a team of Neapolitan migrants who are second-generation Italians. Antonio has a dream: to lead his guys into the Federal league. But Lello, Maxime, and Adam don’t have identity documents and the bureaucratic machine stalls on the permits to stay and the certificates of residence. Antonio would do anything to see his team win.

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    2015 Sunday, November 29th, Spazio Alfieri, 8:30 pm


    Public Debate

    A cooperation with Global Governance Program/EUI

    Introduction: Vittorio Iervese (UniMORE/Festival dei Popoli)
    Moderation: Anna Triandafyllidou (GGP/EUI)
    With contributions by:
Beatrice Ferrara (CSPG/Università “L’Orientale”)
    Fabrizio Gatti (journalist, “L’Espresso”)
Nicola Mai (sociologist and filmmaker, Kingston University London)
Malik Nejmi (artist)

    Ali says, “The point is, you cannot see migration. What you see is the consequences. You notice strange people walking in the streets of your town and think, ‘Ah, these immigrants!’ Or someone draws your attention to a group of ragged people trying to board on a train, and say, ‘How tragic!’ But what do you know of the difference between hope and despair? What do you know of a gasp provoked by fear or a sigh of relief? What do you know of all this, if your eyes can’t see, your ears can’t listen, your words can’t tell?” This meeting is an attempt to answer Ali’s questions, searching for new ways to describe contemporary migrations and share stories that involve all of us. This seminar is a space for discussion, trying to construct other ‘places,’ possibly less ‘common’ than those we are used to.

    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Spazio Alfieri, 4 pm – Free entrance


    Germany 2014 30'
    Directed by: Tami Liberman
    Mr. X is an asylum seeker from West Africa who went to live in Berlin without a work permit. Since its exposure would put him at risk, Mr. X tells his story from behind the camera, without ever revealing his identity and face. From his point of view he tells us his stories in Berlin and the stories of people on the refugee camps in Italy, he tells us about his grandmother in Africa, and about drug traffickers in Görlitzer Park and his own relationship with his legal status and with the camera.

    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Spazio Alfieri, 7:30 pm

    FIRENZE 1990

    Italy, France 2015 30'
    Editing: Simon Leclere, Malik Nejmi
 - Dagli archivi di: Roberto Bianchi
    In 1990, Florence was the scene of the first struggle ever conducted in Italy by an organization of immigrant workers. The leader was the Senegalese community that set up a protest with an all-out hunger strike in Piazza S. Giovanni, just in front of the Battistero. They demanded the withdrawal of the provisions of the mayor to fight illegal sellers.

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    2015 Sunday, November 29th, Odeon, 11:00 am – Free entrance


    France 2014 28'
    Directed by: Nicola Mai
    Nicola Mai tells the story of Samira, who not only emigrated from Algeria to France but also crossed sexual boundaries twice. The first time, when he took female hormones to grow his breast and obtain political asylum in France as transsexual person. The second time, twenty years later, when his father fell seriously ill and he had his breasts surgically removed to be able to go back to Algeria as a ‘real man.’

    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, spazio alfieri, 6:30 pm – Free entrance


    Netherlands 2014 14'
    Directed by: Morgan Knibbe
    In October, 2013 more than three hundred migrants drowned off the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa. Dutch filmmaker Morgan Knibbe was present with his camera, and shot a mesmerizing short film, called Shipwreck Lampedusa which shows the immediate aftermath of the disaster. The visual style of the film is particularly striking; the camera moves and floats, in a ghost-like manner, while one of the few survivors, Abraham, recalls his terrible memories in a whispering voice.

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    2015 Thursday, December 3rd, Odeon, 9:00 pm

    Shores. In the Safe Northern Sun

    Italy, France 2015 60'
    Directed by: Irene Dionisio

    Vincenzo, a gravedigger in Lampedusa, buries the bodies of the migrants who died during shipwrecks, raising the protests of the religious community protesting for the use of crosses to bury non-Catholic people. In Zarzis, Tunisia, postman the postman Mohsen Lidhabi builds a museum with clothes of the dead bodies and the objects that the sea returned to the land. One day, Vincenzo and Mohsen begin to write letters to each other.

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    2015 Thursday, December 3rd, Odeon, 9:00 pm
    Friday, December 4th, odeon, 10:00 am

    On Opposing Fields

    Italy 2015 63'
    Directed by: Andrea Fenoglio, Matteo Tortone
    "A man without land is just a man in the hands of increasingly hostile events", say directors Matteo Tortone and Andrea Fenoglio, in charge of the two tales told in the film. Respectively, Il campo, created on the observation of the bodies and movements of Sub-Saharian migrants looking for a job and who are hosted in a reception campo in Northern Italy; Il recinto, focused on the life, thoughts and words of a local farmer whose land was taken away from him.

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    2015 Tuesday, December 1st, Spazio Alfieri, 21:00 pm

    Sound Asleep

    France 2015 50'
    Directed by: Marie Moreau
    Djilali, a Moroccan migrated in France who spent nearly eleven years in prison, is a homeless man struggling to find his identity among those used and stolen dur- ing his incredible life and he introduces himself as Alias, giving account of those “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” composing his ego. As Virgil in the Inferno, Djilali will guide Marie Moreau through the labyrinths of the old town of Avignon as in the labyrinths of his existence, telling another face of our era.

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    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Odeon, 5:30 pm
    Thursday, December 3rd, Odeon, 10:00 am

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