Florence November 25th – December 2nd 2016

International documentary film festival


    Italy 2016 82'
    Directed by: Paolo Civati
    Castro was a squatter house in Rome, a refuge for the outcast, a home for many, owned by nobody. For more than ten years, if has offered a chance at life to many families. Once was tolerated, now it does not exist anymore. A one-year long shooting to disclose the daily life of a community who has lived in an extraordinary situation. Castro was like a Tower of Babel, speaking with a tongue that had a thousand accents and told a thousand stories of the thousand humankinds that found there a shelter.

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    2016 Saturday, November 26th, La Compagnia, 6:30 pm


    Italy 2016 90'
    Directed by: Mauro Bucci
    Hotel Splendid is at once an intimate and collective portrayal of life in a community of migrants from the African coasts who are sheltered in a facility for political asylum seekers in Cesenatico, Italy. The film records the daily experiences in and operation of a hotel used as shelter, intertwining two different story-lines: the dramatic journey undertaken by the migrants to reach Europe, with its load of violence and abuse, and the itinerary that asylum seekers must follow upon their entrance in the refuge until the evaluation procedure is over.

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    2016 Wednesday, November 30th, La Compagnia, 7:15 pm

    First Try

    Italy 2016 74'
    Directed by: Enza Negroni
    Max is the coach of Giallo Dozza, a multi-ethnic rugby team composed of convicts from the Bologna district prison, “Dozza.” He is also the primum movens of a human transformation that may well be cinema even before being reality. The extenuating training, the games always played at home, and always lost, and the will of redemption being transformed into the desire for a game that teaches rules. Two narratives run parallel: the one in the cell – but only evoked, here – and the one in the playing ground, yet another interior, but an inclusive space that does not isolate people.

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    2016 Thursday, December 1st, La Compagnia, 5:15 pm

    Talking Hands

    Italy, Germany, Sweden 2016 64'
    Directed by: Caterina Pecchioli
    What is the relationship of Italians with corruption like? The film-maker travels across Italy from its northern extreme to the southern one, asking this question to her fellow citizens. The result is a series of unexpected conversations and testimonies, both amusing and tragic, that make up a collective portrait where the boundary between right and wrong is blurred. The eclectic Italian landscape, a character in its own right, is a counterpoint to the chorus of voices from several generations.

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    2016 Saturday, November 26th, La Compagnia, 3:00 pm


    Italy 2016 60'
    Directed by: Cecilia Bozza Wolf
    Two brothers, a father called “The Wolf,” and an invisible mother. A peasant family in an Alpine valley where culturally kindness is a sign of weakness and manners are rough. The youngest son, Gim, is discovering his homosexuality, but his father cannot accept it. Gim’s elder brother Alex is in-between, on one hand, he prompts Gim to overcome his fears, on the other hand he feels close to his father’s tradition. It is hard to find love when it’s hidden in such an inflamed context. Will the characters manage to keep on living together?

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    2016 Monday, November 28th, La Compagnia, 5:30 pm


    Italy 2016 80'
    Directed by: Danilo Monte, Laura D’Amore
    The film is about the procedure of assisted fertilization experienced by Laura and Danilo. He is a film director; she is her producer and yoga teacher. At the beginning of this difficult experience they decide to film themselves, giving us an intimate, profound account of this particular moment of their life. A film about the journey of a couple who are looking for a new life.

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    2016 Sunday, November 27th, La Compagnia, 4.45 pm

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