Florence October 10th – 17th, 2017

International documentary film festival


    Italy 2017 28'
    Directed by: Teresa Debenedettis
    Anna Ruocco is the coordinator of the association House-Maternity “Prima Luce” in Turin that, among other things, promotes planned home birth assisted by professional obstetricians. Anna, an obstetrician herself, is also the leading character in this film, and tells the stories of some of the women before they decided to give birth at home. With great thoughtfulness, the film-maker follows the intimate daily work that Anna carries out with her women, who trust her hands, voice, energy, and knowledge completely.
    Film produced by Scuola Holden

    2017 Friday, October 13th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00pm


    Italy 2017 27'
    Directed by: Sofia Salvatierra
    “To be young and not revolutionary is a contradiction even in biological terms.” The director of this film, her debut, uses the words of Salvador Allende to begin her story. On April 10, 2016, people vote in Peru to elect their new president: many, including the Milan community of Peruvians, are afraid that the daughter of dictator Alberto Fujimori is elected. The filmmaker approaches her community in order to observe this historic moment for her country.

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    2017 Thursday, October 12th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00pm


    Italy 2017 31'
    Directed by: Léa Delbès, Federico Frefel, Greta Nani, Michele Silva
    Summer. An excerpt from the TV report of the UEFA Euro 2016 Italy-Sweden game takes us at the poolside of a public swimming pool in the outskirts of Milan. We spend a day at the bathing complex Franco Scarioni, along with those who found in that place – built in the fifties – an island of peace in a city that seems borderless.
    Film produced by Civica Scuola Luchino Visconti

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    2017 Thursday, October 12th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00pm


    Italy 2017 30'
    Directed by: Alfredo Milano
    To see. To hear. To touch. Three female characters, three artists, guide the audience through the three worlds they perceive respectively with: sight (Melania de Levya is one of the most acclaimed photographers of the contemporary scene), hearing (Carlotta Padovan is a sensitive singer musician and music therapist), and touch, with Vania Talpo, a refined artist who works with glass. The film is well constructed on the three women’s artistic work.
    Film produced by Scuola Holden

    2017 Friday, October 13th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00pm


    Italy 2017 55'
    Directed by: Carlo Manzo, Francesco Romano
    Film directors Carlo Manzo and Francesco Romano conduct a conscientious observation of the life of a few senior citizens who get through the days silently and still practice the remains of those ancient gestures that used to connect man to nature and Spirit. A slow immersion in an ultimate time, where the testimony of an almost extinct rural universe still resists. The elderly are living witnesses of a lost world, an archaic faith, a caring approach to one another.
    Filmap, Atelier di Cinema del Reale

    2017 Saturday, October 14th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00pm

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