Florence, 14th- 21th November 2008

International documentary film festival

Jury and Prizes

The Jury for the Feature Film Competition, made up of five members:

  • Guo Xiaolu, filmmaker (China)
  • Arturo Lavorato, filmmaker (Italy)
  • Carlos Muguiro, critic and festival director (Spain)
  • Audrius Stonys, filmmaker (Lithuania)
  • Marie Vermillard, filmmaker (France)

award the Premio dei Popoli for best film (€ 10,000) and most innovative filmmaker (€ 5,000), as well as the winner of the “Gian Paolo Paoli” Award for best ethno-anthropological film.

The Jury for the Short Film Competition, made up of seven members (Giulia Vianelli, Benedetta Mazzelli, Daniela Colletta, Ryan Veselsky, Ahmed Avila
Sarah Croft, Samantha Lieberman) students from the Università di Firenze and Lorenzo de’ Medici, award the Premio dei Popoli Lorenzo de’ Medici for best film (€ 2,500).

The Jury for the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo gives two distribution awards for two films chosen from the Feature Film Competition and the Free Style category.

The Audience is given ballots before each screening to vote for the Audience Award given in each category: Feature, Short and Free Style.