Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival

International Jury

  • Peter Mettler (Canada) (+)

    Peter Mettler

    Peter Mettler is a very well-known swiss-canadian filmmaker and artist. The 51st edition of the Festival dei Popoli dedicated to him a full retrospective. Mettler is known for a diversity of work in image and sound mediums – foremost for his films such as Picture of Light and Gambling, Gods and LSD but also as a photographer and groundbreaking live audio/visual mixing performer. His work bridges the gap between experimental, narrative, personal essay, and documentary. He has collaborated with an extensive range of international artists and has been honored with awards and retrospectives worldwide. Among his most recent films: Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands (2009) and The End of Time (2012) selected at Locarno Film Festival 2012 and in competition at the 53rd edition of the Festival dei Popoli.

  • Martin Pawley (Spain) (+)

    Martin Pawley

    Martin Pawley was born in A Coruña, Galicia, in 1974. Film critic and collaborator of several publications and media (“Tempos Novos”, “Caimán Cuadernos de Cine”, blog “Acto de primavera”, “Cahiers du Cinéma – España”, “A Cuarta Parede”, “Blogs&Docs”, “Miradas de cine”, “Xornal de Galicia”, “Radio Galega”, etc). Programmer of film series for different institutions, he was also the programmer of the Mostra de Ciencia e Cinema in A Coruña (a festival of science-related films, 2007-2011), and the section dedicated to Galician cinema in Cineuropa Film Festival, in Santiago de Compostela (2010-present). Together with Marcos Pérez, he wrote and directed the scientific documentary film Ilusiones visuales, with the collaboration of Galician scientists Susana Martínez-Conde and Luis Martínez. He is part, alongside Oliver Laxe and Felipe Lage, of the production company Zeitun Films, responsible for the film Todos vós sodes capitáns by Oliver Laxe, which participated in more than 50 international festivals, including the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2010, where it won the Fipresci award; Arraianos by Eloy Enciso (Locarno Film Festival, 2012), The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser by Alberto Gracia (Fipresci award, Rotterdam Film Festival 2013) and Costa da Morte by Lois Patiño (Best emerging director award, Locarno Film Festival 2013; “Non Fiction” Award, Sevilla Film Festival 2013, Audience Award, Festival dei Popoli 2013). He is most proud of the workshops on cinema that he gives every week in the Fórum Metropolitano and Centro Ágora, two public centers for cultural and social purposes in A Coruña.

  • Ann Carolin Renninger (Germany) (+)

    Ann Carolin Renninger

    Born in 1979 in Flensburg, Germany, Ann Carolin Renninger studied Cultural Science in Leipzig, Paris and Strasbourg. After graduating she worked at DOK Leipzig Film Festival as head of DOK Industries. Since 2008 she works as a producer for Zero One Film, Berlin, where she is responsible for the development and production of cinema documentaries. She works among others with renown directors like Alexander Sokurov, as well as with new talents like Marta Minorowicz, Piotr Rosolowski and Elwira Niewiera. Besides her work at Zero One Film she runs Joon Film – a film production company and open platform for artistic collaborations. With Joon Film she follows the approach of producing films outside the market and the traditional hierarchies of film production and to discover new talents who work in the field between film and art like Rene Frölke, Marta Popivoda, Anna Marziano among others.

The International Jury will assign the following prizes:

  • Best Feature-Length Documentary Award (Euro 8,000, divided equally between the director and the production)
  • Best Mid-Length Documentary (Euro 4.000, divided equally between the director and the production)
  • Best Short-Length Documentary Award (Euro 2.500, divided equally between the director and the production)
  • “Gian Paolo Paoli” Award to the Best Ethno-anthropological Film.

Students Jury

  • Danielle Doss
  • Emma Eccleston
  • Tyler Harris
  • Fransheska Savinon
  • Rosie Sherman
  • Annie Mester

Thanks to the collaboration between SUF – Syracuse University in Florence, the short films of the International Competition also compete for the Syracuse University in Florence Award (Euro 1.000).

Cinemaitaliano.info Jury

  • Stefano Amadio
  • Antonio Capellupo
  • Carlo Griseri
  • Simone Pinchiorri

The films of the Panorama section compete for the Cinemaitaliano.info – CG Home Video Award (www.cghv.it). The winner, chosen by a jury composed by the editors of Cinemaitaliano.info (www.cinemaitaliano.info), will be offered the opportunity to release in DVD in the collection “POPOLI doc”.

Jury “Gli Imperdibili” Award

  • Patrizia Gambini (Pres. ANEC Toscana)
  • Marco Lasagni (Segretario AGIS ANEC Toscana)
  • Mario Lorini (Presidente FICE Toscana)
  • Gianluca Guzzo (CEO MYmovies.it)
  • Camilla Toschi (“Quelli della Compagnia” - Fondazione Sistema Toscana)

The prize for the distribution in cinemas: “Gli Imperdibili” is made possible thanks to a network of co-operation established with “Quelli della Compagnia” of Fondazione Sistema Toscana, AGIS, ANEC and FICE. The award offers the opportunity to include the winning film (selected in the Panorama section) in the list of films “Gli Imperdibili” proposed by the Region of Tuscany to the Tuscan circuit of Arthouse Cinemas (41 cinemas).

Premio MYmovies dalla parte del pubblico

I film inclusi nella selezione del Concorso Internazionale concorrono al premio MYmovies.it – Il cinema dalla parte del pubblico che, grazie alla collaborazione con MYmovies.it, verrà attribuito dagli spettatori, i quali inviando un SMS al numero 3421497201 potranno esprimere il loro voto.