Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival

    The Bright and Unforgivable Distances Between Me and Me and Me (work-in-progress)

    Italy 2013
    Directed by: Alessandro Baltera
    We will follow a girl waiting for the drafting from Tel Aviv to the Negev desert. The scenario is that of the rave party. Secular and Postmodern Celebrations, with their own rites and priests, with their own totem and taboo, symbolic synthesis of the nihilism and the desire to escape characterizing contemporary world. How to observe a Psychedelic Bildungsroman, concerning the temporary ways in which a girl has solved eternal themes such as pleasure, despair, the conquest of a space and the suspension of time.

    2013 Monday, December 2nd, Auditorium S. Apollonia, 4:00 pm

    Il sentimento delle immagini, nel silenzio (work-in-progress)

    Italy 2013
    Directed by: Giuseppe Carrieri
    Sri Lanka experienced an exhausting civil war until a few years ago. Apart from the considerable number of casualties due to the atrocities of the war, an important part of local forest surface covering has decreased severely. Today it is still very difficult to have access to these areas because the government prevent the observers, who want to narrate the civil conflict. The issue of narrative is split between the need to explain and the mystery of the evocation: what remains of history, stories, and in the imperfect filter of the author observing them?

    2013 Tuesday, December 3rd, Auditorium S. Apollonia, 4:00 pm

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