Florence November 2nd – 9th 2021

International documentary film festival

Official Selection - Feature Documentary Competion

The International Jury:
Xiaolu Guo (China)
Arturo Lavorato (Italy)
Carlos Muguiro (Spain)
Audrius Stonys (Lithuania)
Marie Vermillard (France)

"Holunderblüte" di Volker Koepp (Germany, 2008)
“For the quality of his gaze which poetically renders the intimate and sincere relationship between the filmmaker, the subjects and the landscape. His cinema reveals a life that is born and continues to create new life in a land forgotten by history”.

for the film "Muzigais Meginajums/Perpetual Rehearsal" (Israel/Latvia)
"For the perpetual cinematographic journey towards the human soul, in search of passion for life and essence of creation. For the freedom and vitality reflected in this film and carried out through the entire artistic life of this Great Master."

(Targa "Gian Paolo Paoli")
to "La Vie Moderne", di Raymond Depardon (France)
“His intimate understanding of characters, his empathy and mastering of cinematographic art allow us to access, beyond silence, to the deepest feelings of the people he films. He reveals and lets us feel the existence of a world on the verge of disappearing where words are not the only way of communicating."

Special Mention:
"Fondamenta delle Convertite", by Penelope Bortoluzzi (Italy)
"For the sensitive and humanistic look at the life of inmates of a women prison: For the document of hope and light that shine even in the darkest abyss of human life."

Special Mention:
"L’Empreinte", by Guillaume Bordier (France).
"For the research in style and the ability to grasp the gaze of the filmed subject, continuously questioning spectators."


Official Selection - Short Documentary Competition

The jury of students:
Ahmed Avila
Daniela Colletta
Sarah Croft
Samantha Lieberman
Benedetta Mazzelli
Ryan Veselsky
Giulia Vianelli

"La favola del pennello", by Andreas Kassel (Sweden)
"For its expressive power and lyric images that are both poetic and visionary. The audience participates in the narrator's life through the memories and experience of words, which develop through the refined cinematographic style".


The Ente dello Spettacolo Award

The Ente dello Spettacolo Foundation Jury:
,Gianluca Arnone
Luca Cappelli
Carlotta De Leo
Salvatore Fronio
Dario E. Viganò

Official Selection – Feature-length Film Competition
“La vie moderne” by Raymond Depardon (2008)
“For its ability to capture with depth and lyricism the progressive dissipation of an old rural community in the wake of modernity.”

Special Mention
“La Forteresse” by Fernand Melgar

Special Mention
“L’Empreinte” by Guillaume Bordier

Official Selection – Free Style
"Renè" by Helena Trestikova (Czech Republic)
“A twenty-year project that investigates the chiaroscuro of the human soul, interrogating nature and the finalities of documentary film.”

Special Mention
“Must Read After My Death” by Morgan Dews (USA)


Premio Ucca – “Twenty Cities”

The Premio Ucca – “Twenty Cities” Jury
Paolo Bernardini
Francesca Chiavacci
Lorella Ranallo

Official Selection - Short Documentary Competition
"Mosh Va Gorbe/Cat and Mouse" by Bijan Zamanpira and Nahid Ghobadi (Iran)
“For its ability to be narrative and descriptive without passing judgment or being rhetorical; for the bitter discovery of a banality of discomfort and malaise that is as quotidian as it is ignored and/or unknown; for the power to denunciate; for the care with which this film was told to us.”

“La Favola del Pennello” by Andreas Kassel (Sweden)
“For the happy account of a meeting that is the story of other meetings during which memories, emotions, knowledge, and poetry is exchanged…For the evocative suggestion in a perfect balance of images and words, for the pleasure that can transmit a creative act into whatever form, and transform gratitude into a new, art-and-culture-generating power.”


Audience Award

Feature Documentary Competition:
"La Forteresse", di Fernard Melgar

Short Documentary Competition:
"Distancias", di Pilar Monsell

Free Style:
"Must Read After My Death", di Morgan Dews

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