Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival

Festival dei Popoli

International documentary film festival

Festival Director

  • Alberto Lastrucci


  • Sandra Binazzi
  • Claudia Maci

Selection Committee

  • Claudia Maci, Selection Committee Coordinator (+)

    Claudia Maci

    Claudia Maci graduated in Film History and Criticism at the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Perugia and she specialized in "Communication des Organisations" at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. She collaborates with the Festival dei Popoli since 2005 as head of the Programming Office. In 2006 and 2007 she was the curator of the Italian Competition of the Festival. She is a member of the Selection Committee since 2006 and has collaborated with the New York Documentary Film Festival from 2008 to 2010. She is currently in charge of the relationships with partners and she coordinates the program and the Selection Committee of the Festival.

  • Sandra Binazzi (+)

    Sandra Binazzi

    Sandra Binazzi graduated in Contemporary History in Florence and has a master's degree in literary translation and editing. She had professional experiences abroad in the field of cultural events (New York, Madrid). From 2008 to 2010 she worked at the Festival dei Popoli as Head of Hospitality and for the NYDFF. Since 2011 she curates the Festival catalogue, coordinates the program, the relationships with partners, and is part of the Selection Committee. From 2009 to 2011 she worked with the Orizzonti Jury for the Venice Film Festival.

  • Manuela Buono (+)

    Manuela Buono

    Manuela Buono was born in Trieste, where she still lives. Her working experience ranges from production of films and videos to the promotion and international distribution of them. Currently she is collaborating with several companies and projects in the following fields: project development, financing, traditional and digital distribution, rights negotiation, marketing, production strategies, project packaging. She is a member of the Festival dei Popoli's Selection Committee from 2013.

  • Daniele Dottorini (+)

    Daniele Dottorini

    Daniele Dottorini is researcher at the University of Calabria and member of the editorial board of "Fata Morgana", "Filmcritica", "Sentieri Selvaggi". He worked for the Festival del nuovo cinema di Pesaro and Infinity – Alba Film Festival. He is the author of several monographs and studies on Lynch (Genoa, 2004), Renoir (Rome, 2007), Cameron (Pisa, 2013). His fields of study are Film Theory and Documentary Cinema. He recently edited the volume: Per un cinema del reale. Forme e pratiche del documentario italiano contemporaneo (Udine, 2013). He is a member of the Selection Committee of Festival dei Popoli since 2008.

  • Silvio Grasselli (+)

    Silvio Grasselli

    Silvio Grasselli has a PhD in Film Studies at the Fil.Co.Spe. of Roma Tre University, with whom he collaborates. He is selector and programmer for festivals, editor at Radiocinema and board member of the CSC - Film Studies Center. He collaborates with several magazines of film criticism such as “Il Ragazzo Selvaggio” and "CineClandestino". He published on "Filmcritica" and "Alias". His essays have been published in Italy by Marsilio, Lindau, Kaplan others; His texts have also been published in the Netherlands and Portugal. He is a member of the Selection Committee of Festival dei Popoli since 2012.

  • Vittorio Iervese (+)

    Vittorio Iervese

    Vittorio Iervese is currently researcher of Sociology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and member of the Department of Studies on Language and Culture. His research activity has essentially focused on the following areas: Visual Culture, Visual Sociology, Conflict Management, Intercultural Communication, Social Participation, Sociology of Children. About documentary film he has recently published Il falso problema del vero. La malamimesis dell’immagine contemporanea in: Dottorini D. 2013, Per un Cinema del Reale. Forme e Pratiche del Documentario Italiano. He is a member of the Selection Committee of Festival dei Popoli since 2008.

  • Alberto Lastrucci (+)

    Alberto Lastrucci

    Alberto Lastrucci was born in Florence in 1968. He started working with the Festival dei Popoli in 1995, being the curator of the catalogue and of some retrospectives. In the following years he joined the selection committee and became Festival Coordinator.
    In 2011 he was appointed co-director, along with Maria Bonsanti.
    Since 2012 he is the director of the Festival dei Popoli.

  • Pinangelo Marino (+)

    Pinangelo Marino

    Pinangelo Marino, studied philosophy. He writes documentaries and published stories and tales. Together with Giovanni Cioni, he has founded and directed the video workshop "Uccellacci". He is a freelance editor. He curates the TV Broadcast "Linea8", dedicated to documentaries, as a representative of the Tuscan Association of Documentary Film-Makers (Documentaristi Anonimi), of which he is a co-founder; he also curates the "Cantieri del documentario" and "Quaderno del cinema reale", a six-monthly magazine dedicated to film projects and reflections on cinema. He is a member of the Selection Committee of Festival dei Popoli since 2013.

  • Carmen Zinno (+)

    Carmen Zinno

    Carmen Zinno graduated in Mass Communication and in Cultural Anthropology. In 2005 she collaborated with the association Zero in Condotta for the 9th edition of the Batik Film Festival, and later with Arci Toscana which organized an exhibition of Italian documentary film in 2011. She works as contributor of Jenuino's blog with a biweekly column on Cinema & Food. She is a member of the Selection Committee of the Festival dei Popoli since 2012.


  • Matteo Boscarol
  • Paulo Roberto de Carvalho

Father & Son: a journey into cinema

  • Sandra Binazzi, coordinator
  • Silvio Grasselli, curator
  • Vittorio Iervese, curator

With the collaboration of

  • Istituto Polacco di Roma
  • Polish Film Institute
  • Krakow Film Foundation

Études sur une ville: Paris

  • Claudia Maci, curator

With the collaboration of

  • Ambasciata di Francia
  • Istituto Francese Italia
  • Istituto Francese di Firenze

Progetto TANDEM - Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey European Union

  • Silke Kurth, coordinator

With the collaboration of

  • Documentarist - Istanbul Documentary Days


  • Lorenzo Dell’Agnello, manager
  • Marco Cipollini

Hospitality Office

  • Elita Cannata, manager
  • Marcello Mantovani
  • Carolina Pezzini

Accreditation Office

  • Martina Borghi, manager
  • Margherita Novelli

Festival Ceremonial

  • Lucia Landi

Debates Moderators

  • Manuela Buono
  • Daniele Dottorini
  • Silvio Grasselli
  • Vittorio Iervese
  • Alberto Lastrucci
  • Pinangelo Marino
  • Carmen Zinno

Secretary of International Jury

  • Edith Güntert

Syracuse University in Florence Award

  • Carlotta Fonzi Kliemann, tutor of the student jury

Theater Staff

  • Marta Zappacosta, direttrice di sala Odeon
  • Virginia Sodi, direttrice di sala Spazio Alfieri
  • Scilla De Flaviis, direttrice di sala Istituto Francese
  • Francesca Corpaci
  • Matteo Plateroti


  • Alessandro Maffei, video per Spazio Alfieri
  • Jacopo Lapi, pellicola per Istituto Francese


  • Marco Nocentini


  • Lorenzo Garnerone
  • Marco Nocentini


  • I.M.M. Italian Insurance Managers di Fabrizio Volpe & C. Snc

Press Office

  • Arianna Monteverdi
  • Antonio Pirozzi
  • in collaborazione con Olimpia De Meo


  • Funkyfreshfactory


  • Lorenzo Meriggi/Digitaldesign, webmaster
  • Funkyfreshfactory, graphics design

Social Media Manager

  • Sara Naviganti


  • Ilaria Costanzo
  • Lorenzo Ferrone
  • Giada Chemeri, assistant

Web TV

  • Cristina Casini, manager
  • Nicola Leone


  • Veronica Citi


  • Federico Riondino


  • Assointerpreti Toscana
  • Anna Ariano (per la lingua polacca)


  • Microcinema, Perugia

Doc at Work
With the support of

  • Regione Toscana
  • FST - Fondazione Sistema Toscana

  • Margot Mecca, coordinator
  • Industry
  • Manuela Buono, manager
  • Stefano Tealdi, Manuela Buono - Workshop
  • Maurizio Di Rienzo, Moderator of the roundtable
  • Marco Cipollini, Industry Guide - Videolibrary
  • Veronica Citi, video editing

Panorama work in progress

  • Pinangelo Marino, curator


  • Sandra Binazzi

With the collaboration of

  • Documentaristi Anonimi - Associazione Documentaristi Toscani
  • Cinemaitaliano.info


  • Funkyfreshfactory

Graphic Design

  • Paolo Rubei

Editorial board

  • Manuela Buono
  • Daniele Dottorini
  • Silvio Grasselli
  • Vittorio Iervese
  • Silke Kurth
  • Alberto Lastrucci
  • Claudia Maci
  • Pinangelo Marino
  • Carmen Zinno

Texts translators

  • Francesco Cecchi
  • Lorenzo Grandi
  • Francesco Groggia
  • Carla Scura