Firenze 27 novembre – 4 dicembre 2015

Festival Internazionale del film documentario


10:00 am - International Competition

Sound Asleep

by Marie Moreau

France, 2015, 50’

Djilali, a Moroccan migrated in France who spent nearly eleven years in prison, is a homeless man struggling to find his identity among those used and stolen dur- ing his incredible life and he introduces himself as Alias, giving account of those “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” composing his ego. As Virgil in the Inferno, Djilali will guide Marie Moreau through the labyrinths of the old town of Avignon as in the labyrinths of his existence, telling another face of our era.

10:00 am - International Competition

by Karim Sayad

Switzerland, 2015, 35’
Adlan and Terroriste are two street urchins in Algiers. Their life is made of expedients to earn some dinars, their common passion is the Mouloudia football team, and their only perspective is to sail towards France or Italy. Filmmaker Karim Sayad follows these boys as brother who doesn’t judge, giving us a delicate and merciless film at the same tame.

11:30 am - International Competition

The Chechen Family

by Martín Solá

Argentine, 2015, 60’
This film is a sensory experience where image and sound meet. Its inner rhythm produces a resonance in those who watch it. La familia chechena encourages the audience to enter in the innermost peculiarity of a mystical experience, such as the one performed by Sufi Muslims in Chechnya. The dances, the religious- mystical rituals become a form of cinema, pure immersion in a spiritual gaze onto the world.

11:30 am - International Competition

Among Us

by Guido Hendrikx

Netherlands, 2015, 24’
Guido Hendrikx faces a dark and disturbing topic in the contemporary horizon: pedophilia. The story is told by the voices of three cases of “responsible pedo- philes”, who with lucidity express with their words their torments but also their unspeakable emotions. The visual counterpoint of the words is a stream of images that takes the rhythm of the voices. The images take sharper edges or, on the contrary, fade into vague visions of fog according to the prevalence of the rational idea or the emotional.

3:00 pm - International Competition

The Party and the Barking

by Leonardo Mouramateus

Brasil, 2015, 25’
Leonardo Mouramateus looks at some pictures taken with an analogue photo camera. Each one of them brings back a memory, a conversation and a story related to it. However, A Festa e os Cães does much more than merely describe the memories of the typical parties, hangovers, and friendships of adolescence, wandering about the streets of Fortaleza in the company of stray dogs. It also brings us back to the doubts, hopes, and lightness of those years.

3:30 pm – Ali in the city. Contemporary migration patterns: drifts and destination

The Shelter

by Fernand Melgar

Switzerland, 2014, 101’

A winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter for the homeless in Lausanne. Every night, in front of this almost unknown shelter, a dramatic ritual takes place, at times leading up to violent brawls. Guards are tasked with the difficult job of ‘sorting the poor:’ women and children first, then men. Even though the total ca- pacity of the shelter is 100 seats, only 50 ‘elected’ will be admitted inside, obtain- ing a hot meal and a bed. For the others, instead, the night will be long...

5:30 pm - International Competition

Down Southern Roads

by Jorge Luis Linares Martínez

Mexico, 2015, 29’

When a path among dense woods, rivers to cross and mountains to climb be- comes a chance to expose one’s own feelings, it is a path that it is created while we walk. Mariana and Miguel, father and daughter, don’t know much of each other’s lives and learn - walking Southbound - the hard task of turning rancor into hope and reconnecting a broken relationship.

5:30 pm - International Competition

PEDRO M, 1981
di|by Andreas Fontana

Switzerland, Spain, 2015, 27’

Childhood memories are, for many people, old amateur films with worn-out col- ours. For the unknown protagonist of this film, the mystery surrounding her father is related to fairly different images: the camera shots inside the Spanish Parliament in 1981, during the military coup attempt. Historical images shot by an unknown cameramen of Spanish National Television: Pedro M, the father she never met.

7:15 pm - International Competition

di|by Michka Saäl

Canada, 2015, 60’

Besides your daily life and a research for another film, you stumble in the poetry of Spoon Jackson, detained in a Los Angeles prison since 1977, when he committed murder at 19 years of age. You entertain an epistolary and telephonic relationship with him for eight years. Inscribed in the Mojave Desert, Spoon’s poetry is set free from the “shadow fighting with death.”

9:00 pm – The Correspondent

by Morgan Knibbe
Netherlands, 2014, 14’

In October, 2013 more than three hundred migrants drowned off the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa. Dutch filmmaker Morgan Knibbe was present with his camera, and shot a mesmerizing short film, called Shipwreck Lampedusa which shows the immediate aftermath of the disaster. The visual style of the film is particularly striking; the camera moves and floats, in a ghost-like man- ner, while one of the few survivors, Abraham, recalls his terrible memories in a whispering voice.

9:00 pm - International Competition

Shores. In the Safe Northern Sun

by Irene Dionisio

Italy, France, 2015, 60’
Vincenzo, a gravedigger in Lampedusa, buries the bodies of the migrants who died during shipwrecks, raising the protests of the religious community protesting for the use of crosses to bury non-Catholic people. In Zarzis, Tunisia, postman the postman Mohsen Lidhabi builds a museum with clothes of the dead bodies and the objects that the sea returned to the land. One day, Vincenzo and Mohsen begin to write letters to each other.

10:30 pm – Free entrance – Special Events

by Hervé Martin-Delpierre

France, UK, 2015, 85’
In 2014 Daft are the first electronic music band that won 5 Grammy Awards earning their rightful place in the world history of music. But who are Daft Punk? Daft Punk Unchained, by way of rare footage and testimonies by co-workers and friends, including Pharrell Williams, Giorgio Moroder, and Michel Gondry, portrays the French duo from the Nineties, when, still bare-faced, they began to turn the nightclubbing world upside down until the Grammy Awards ceremony, featuring the two most fa- mous robots of music.

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