Firenze 27 novembre – 4 dicembre 2015

Festival Internazionale del film documentario


A Live Divination with Moving Image, Music and Story

PETER METTLER (Gambling, Gods & LSD)
JEREMY NARBY (The Cosmic Serpent)

A Filmmaker, a musician and an anthropologist fuse their arts, feeding off one another in a real-time alchemical improvisation, drawing from our saturated world of knowledge, sound and image.

This 3-way fusion mixes hypnotic technologies with oral tradition. It transforms and re-contextualizes self-made and collected materials, engaging in a kind of divination of the mediated world.

Amazonian Yaminahua people say all living beings are animated by yoshi, which are invisible, multi-faceted beings. To communicate with yoshi, they sing in an indirect and metaphoric language called “tsai yoshto yoshto,” “language twisting twisting”, or twisted language. Yaminahua people use twisted language to address the multi-faceted yoshi beings, because “normal words would crash into them”, whereas twisted words allow you to go in close, but not too close, to circle around them, and see them clearly. Here metaphor is not improper naming but the only naming possible.

VIDEOEX Festival, Zürich
Saturday, May 30 2015

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