Starting from January 1st 2020, Alessandro Stellino will be the new artistic director and Claudia Maci the new managing director of the Festival dei Popoli.

Alessandro Stellino, film critic and founder of “Filmidee”, will be the new artistic director of the Festival dei Popoli – International Documentary Film Festival – of Florence, Italy starting from January 1st , 2020. The new task will be for two years and Stellino will work in cooperation with Claudia Maci, currently deputy director of the Festival dei Popoli and appointed managing director starting next year.

Stellino, who succeeds Alberto Lastrucci, director for the last eight editions, was nominated by the Board of the Festival dei Popoli – Istituto Italiano per il Film di Documentazione Sociale – chaired by Vittorio Iervese and composed by Lucia Landi, Gianluca Guzzo, Silvia Lelli, Clara Marinelli, Serge Noiret, Niccolò Pecorini, Antonio Pirozzi and Samuele Rossi.

President Iervese said: “After 60 years of activity the festival chooses to look at the future. A special thanks goes to Alberto Lastrucci for his precious work of these last past years and a wish for Alessandro Stellino and Claudia Maci who face a new task that is beautiful and challenging at the same time: to make sure that the future of the Festival dei Popoli is up to its past without being hostage of this important memory “.

“I am enthusiastic and honored for the opportunity that is given to me – said Stellino – not only because of the possibility of leading an event of absolute importance as the Festival di Popoli but also for the human and professional quality of the team that in recent years has carried on the work with enthusiasm and passion, first of all Alberto Lastrucci and Claudia Maci, with whom I intend to create an important cooperative synergy. With the same enthusiasm and the same passion, I will dedicate myself to the festival as artistic director, in order to explore, as deeply as it is possible, the new geographies of documentary filmmaking, to make Festival dei Popoli and the city of Florence an avant-garde observatory for the ongoing mutations in the field of representation of reality”.

Born in Nuoro, Sardinia, in 1973, Alessandro Stellino, currently based in Milan, is a film critic (he founded and directs the online magazine “Filmidee”) and artistic director of IsReal – Festival of Documentary Cinema, organized in Nuoro by ISRE – Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico since 2016. He has curated documentary film retrospectives for Filmmaker Festival in Milan and teaches cinema at CISA in Locarno, Civic School of Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan, NABA and ICMA in Busto Arsizio. His cooperation with the Festival dei Popoli started in 2018 as curator of the retrospective dedicated to Roberto Minervini.

Claudia Maci started her activity at the Festival dei Popoli in 2005 working on the selection of films and on the organization of the festival and its permanent activity. She has been the curator of some sections and retrospectives, including: 2013 – Etudes sur une ville: Paris; 2014 – Travels in Italy with Vincent Dieutre, I Mestieri del Cinema: a tribute to Dominique Auvray; 2015 – I Mestieri del Cinema: tribute to Wojciech Staroń (in collaboration with Sandra Binazzi), Alì nel città. Drifts and landings of contemporary migrants (in collaboration with Vittorio Iervese). In 2017 she was appointed deputy director of the Festival dei Popoli.

Alberto Lastrucci, current director, is now involved, together with his team, in the preparation of the 60th edition of the Festival, which will be held from 2nd to 9th November 2019. It will be a special edition being the 60th anniversary of the Festival dei Popoli. Lastrucci will conclude its mandate on December 31st , 2019.