Creative Educational Film Festival

On May 26, Festival dei Popoli is happy to be part of a day dedicated to schools of all levels within the  SiGeniale project of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Pistoia.

Vittorio Iervese (President of the Festival) and Sandra Binazzi (coordinator of the Festival and head of the Kids and Teens section) will participate in the "Educational and Creative Film Festival" (streaming only for schools) with a speech entitled: "Cinema WITH the real. Knowing the world by telling it".

We will talk about the Kids and Teens section of the Festival dei Popoli and the strength of the documentary in telling the world even starting from small stories of everyday life, which unite us all, young and old!


9.30 - The cinema WITH the real. Know the world by telling it

Screening (private for schools) of the short film 199 Little Heroes - Italian episode by Sigrid Klausmann (2018), a documentary film project in episodes, set all over the world with the patronage of the German Unesco Commission.

The goal is to portray children from different countries around the world as they go to school. The road to school becomes a symbol of the path of life, through education, for a better future. The documentary series gives voice and space to children from all over the world: however different their contexts, their family history and their personalities are, they have dreams, hopes and fears similar to each other and are united by the desire to know and change the world. The protagonist of the Italian episode is Elyas, he is eleven years old and lives in Rome.

10.30 - Imagine the world in words
Federico Taddia - Children's writer, storyteller, television author

11.30 - Award ceremony
Kindergartens and primary schools

Following - GEA Special Award
GEA Green Economy and Agriculture awards an award for attention to environmental issues

19.00 - Ciak, Yes… Brilliant!
Will close the day the free streaming screening of documentary film Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins by Vladislav Grishin, Irina Zhuravleva (Russia, 2018, 55 ') presented at the Festival in 2019 which tells us about the first year of life of some little bears! In Collaboration with Cinemambiente.

The South Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary is often called the bear's paradise. The LESFILM production team headed there and spent seven months observing and filming the hidden secrets of the daily life of newborn bear cubs during their first year on Earth. Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins is a film that differs from other nature documentaries. The film is meditative. The music, the sounds of nature and the absence of a human voice allow the viewer to immerse themselves as much as possible in the beauty of wild nature, to feel its presence among volcanoes, rivers and wild animals, and to experience an important border, beyond which a person should not interfere.

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