61° FdP NEWS: Doc Explorer

The renewed Doc Explorer Section, dedicated to experimentation and hybridizations of languages, will open with LOOK THEN BELOW by Ben…

Virtual Reality Movie Festival

Sabato 3 e domenica 4 ottobre 2020, presso il Laboratorio Aperto Ferrara (ex teatro Verdi) tre film, selezionati dal Festival…

DocExplorer: VR and AR experience

Presso Spazio Ottagono delle Murate (Piazza delle Murate, Firenze) FREE ENTRY Last entry 6.30pm Over the past few years, Virtual…

What’s Doc Explorer?

The galaxy of documentary is constantly expanding. Doc Explorer proposes to explore its boundaries, venturing into those border areas – and here lies the meaning of this section – in which the language of documentary blends productively with other forms of expression and the (virtual or non) spaces created by technological innovation.

Web doc, I-doc, Virtual Reality, Live documentary, are new names and fresh concepts in which the ties with originality of ideas, authors’ creativity, and the dialogue with the world around us are still deeply felt. The tacit goal of these instruments, regardless of their various approaches, is the ambition to improve our capacity of understanding reality.