THE CAVE by Feras Fayyad Denmark, Germany, USA, Sirya, Qatar 95′

“The story of a woman who defies oppression and puts her own life at risk to save thousands of others” Firas Fayyad, Syrian director who two years ago showed the tragic carpet bombings in the film Last men in Aleppo اخر الرجال في حلب – nominated in 2018 for the Oscar for Best Documentary – returns with a story of strength and courage for women: “The Cave”, produced by National Geographic and winner of the Audience Award at the Toronto Film Festival. Medicines are over, food is scarce and spaces are cramped and crowded. Inside the Ghouta hospital, in the region around Damascus, safety and hope are placed underground. Here Dr. Amani, a young woman with a fragile appearance but unshakable determination, leads her team through all kinds of difficulties, material and psychological, not least the preconception that a woman should not have such occupations, putting at risk every day her own life to help injured children and civilians under the bombing, in a situation of perennial emergency.

Thursday, November 7th, La Compagnia, 9:30pm