The International Jury of the 60th Festival dei Popoli is composed of:

Enrica Capra (Italy)
M. Cem Öztüfekçi (Serbia)
Éva Tourrent (France)

The jury will bestow the following Awards:

Best Short Documentary (maximum length: 30 minutes): € 2,500.00 (divided equally between the director and the production).
Best Mid-Length Documentary (length: between 31 and 60 minutes): € 4,000.00 (divided equally between the director and the production).
Best Feature-Length Documentary (length: more than 60 minutes): € 8,000.00 (divided equally between the director and the production).
Best Anthropological Film: “Gian Paolo Paoli” Award.


“POPOLI doc - CG Entertainment” Home distribution and Digital Download Award
CG Entertainment , home video distribution, offers to the Italian film that will win the opportunity to be published on DVD and Digital Download in the series “Popoli Doc - La collana del Festival dei Popoli”.

Theatrical distribution Award: "Imperdibili"
La Compagnia is a project promoted by the Tuscan Region: a theatre in the centre of Florence conceived and managed by FST - Fondazione Sistema Toscana for all those who cultivate the passion for documentary films, experimentation, audiovisual culture in all its forms. The prize will be awarded by the Head of programming of the Cinema La Compagnia in conjunction with her team. The winner will be screened at the Cinema La Compagnia during a period of time to be agreed with the production/distribution.

Theatrical distribution Award: "Il cinemino"

SVOD Distribution Award: "Tënk" Tënk is the first SVOD website dedicated to independent documentary cinema. Currently available in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Tënk Prize gives access to a purchase of distribution rights for a broadcast on the European Tënk platform for 2 months. It will reward an Italian film from the national and international competition. Tënk is arriving in Italy in 2020.

“The Gaze of the Other: The challenge of dialogue between cultures and religions” Award

The films of the International Competition and the films of the Italian Competition, compete for the award bestowed by the Istituto Sangalli per la storia e le culture religiose of Florence.

MYmovies.it Audience Award

Thanks to the partnership with MYmovies.it, for every vote you give to the films of the International Competition and of the Italian Competition, you will receive as a gift a collectible pin IN CASE OF EMERGENCY by MYmovies.it (subject to availability).