It’s called “Il mondo raccontato in tempo” (The world told in time) the new proposal of the Festival dei Popoli Archives that you will find in the summer months on Più Compagnia, the virtual theatre of the Cinema La Compagnia by Fondazione Sistema Toscana. 

This review draws on an “audiovisual library” that counts over 25,000 titles to propose useful tools to understand the Present, framing in a time perspective themes and phenomena of planetary relevance. “Il mondo raccontato in tempo” offers viewers the possibility to travel into the Past to obtain “keywords” that allow us to decrypt the contemporary world.

The enormous resonance of the Black Lives Matter phenomenon, a spontaneous movement made up of millions of people, goes beyond the dramatic news stories and makes us see how racism and discrimination are difficult to eradicate. Four documentaries, selected by Festival dei Popoli Archives, will retrace some of the most significant moments in the struggle for the affirmation of African-American rights, leafing through more or less known pages of the recent history of the United States of America: precious archive images, interviews, the main protagonists of this long journey towards a fairer world.


First appointment: Thursday 9 July at 9.00 pm @ Più Compagnia, the virtual screening room of Cinema La Compagnia by Fondazione Sistema Toscana.


Directed by Goran Hugo Olsson (Sweden, 2011, 92’) – Original Version with Italian subtitles

An extraordinary feat of editing and archival research, The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 takes up an extremely turbulent transition period in American history, a time when the affirmation of civil rights forever transformed the way racial discrimination could be fought in all US courts. A  time when Black Power changed forever the way black Americans perceived themselves.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, journalists from Swedish national television came to USA to document the Black Power movement, ignored outside the US borders and distortedly represented within them. Goran Hugo Olsson collects the legacy and gives us valuable archival images and fascinating interviews with key figures of the movement such us Angela Davis and Stokley Carmichael, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, Elaine Brown, eloquent and charismatic figures of their time. 

Using an innovative format that draws on the popular mixtape format of the 1970s, the director assembles together archival footages and interviews to important African-American artists, activists and musicians of today, current reflections of the participants in that story and the young people who were influenced by it. The poetess Sonia Sanchez and Abiodun Oyewole from Last Poets, as well as the musicians Erykah Badu, Questlove, John Forté and others guide us on a cinematographic journey through the black communities of America in those years.

As the title suggests, The Black Power Mixtape does not aim to provide a complete overview of an Era, but gives us an impressionistic visual account of it, a chronological collage that adds a complex human dimension to the chronicle of the Era. Between slogans and reality, between political ideals and stubborn social problems, between yesterday and today, wondering how much has changed and how the change happened, the film leaves us with a great willingness to listen. (Daniela Colamartini)


A Programme by Alberto Lastrucci and Daniela Colamartini (Festival dei Popoli Archives). The initiative “L’Archivio del Festival dei Popoli Presents” is part of the project for the preservation and enhancement of the archives, which involves the Region of Tuscany and the Tuscan Archival and Bibliographic Superintendence since 2016, and is curated by the Festival dei Popoli in collaboration with Fondazione Sistema Toscana.