Rondò Final

Italy, 2021, 51’

The martyr saint, Saint’Efisio, a warrior and an icon that moves the people. A rite which repeats outside of time and that brings with it the masks of dominations past and present of an island: Sardinia. A dizzying space-time journey through archival footage.

The event is finished.

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 25 Nov 2021
  • Time: 9:00 - 10:20


Cinema La Compagnia
Cinema La Compagnia - Via Camillo Cavour, 50/R, 50121 Florence
Gaetano Crivaro, Felice D’Agostino, Margherita Pisano


Gaetano Crivaro, Felice D’Agostino, Margherita Pisano

Gaetano Crivaro is a filmaker and videoartist based in Cagliari. In 2012 he graduated from Master en Documental de Creaciòn in Barcellona where he developed the project “Stretto Orizzonte”, finalist at Premio Solinas. In 2014 he funded the collective “L’Ambulante”, a cinema research laboratory engaged in production and distribution. From 2015 the group started a research on portraits wihtin the project “VideoRitratti” and in the same year it started a research project about reuse of cinema archives , called “Second Hand Cinema”, where “Rondò Final” was born. Felice D’Agostino has been working as director, camera operator, DOP and editor for 20 years. His works, almost all made in Calabria with Arturo Lavorato, were presented in several festivals and have received several awards, such as the Premio Orizzonti at the 68° mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Best Documentary at the Torino Film festival in 2005, premio Casa Rossa Doc at the Bellaria Film Festival in 2006 and a special mention at the Nastri D’Argento in 2012. He lives and works both in Paris and Italy. Margherita Pisano is an indipendent researcher and documentarist and is graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Urban studies at the University of Rome La Sapienza. In 2014 she co-founded “L’Ambulante”. With “L’Ambulante” she has been involved in experimental and research cinema project for many years about “Found footage Cinema”, with a particular attention on sound. “Rondò Final” is one of that projects.

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