We Knew How Beautiful They Were, These Islands

Tunisia, France, 2022, 20'

A lonely figure is digging a grave in the deep of night, in a dimension on the edge of reality, between dream and real. Without dialogues or sounds, save for the wind, the fire crackling, and a shovel scraping against the dry dirt, we are introduced in a dark and mysterious, possibly cursed universe, where each object seems haunted by a barely perceptible meaning, bearer of ancestral instances. The head of an old doll, a comb, a lipstick: relics whose silent language speaks of life and, above all, of the disappearance of their original owners. It’s almost like an invocation of their souls, between sea and desert.

Younes Ben Slimane’s images, with their troubling, melancholy beauty, are immersed in darkness, and yet stand out with a gold opalescence, as the only light they get is from the stars and the lonely gravediggers’ lamps. Bodies, like ghostly but concrete presences, stand out against a scenario reminiscent of catacombs in which a strange and painful ritual takes place: a holy act conveying the persistence of memory and the fragile spiritual materiality of existence.

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 06 Nov 2022
  • Time: 9:00


Cinema La Compagnia
Cinema La Compagnia - Via Camillo Cavour, 50/R, 50121 Florence
Younes Ben Slimane


Younes Ben Slimane

Younes Ben Slimane is a Tunisian artist, filmmaker and architect, student at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains. Working through film, video, drawing and installation, he establishes a permanent dialogue between architecture and visual arts. His films have been selected in international festivals including Locarno Film Festival, CPH:DOX and DokuFest. In 2021, he received the Studio Collector Award.

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