eugenio barba

Meeting with Eugenio Barba

Eugenio Barba will be present at the 62nd Festival dei Popoli on the occasion of the screening Zona Limite (Italy, 2021, 63'), the documentary made by Stefano di Buduo dedicated to the work of the revolutionary theater director, scheduled for Sunday 21 November at the  Teatro Cantiere Florida at 18:00.

During the event, created in collaboration with Murmuris, Eugenio Barba, founder of the Odin Teatret theater company, will be present during the screening of the documentary, which will be followed by the meeting event "From the side of the beholder", which will see Eugenio Barba, Stefano di Buduo and Julia Varley in dialogue with the public on the relationship between theater and cinema.

A unique opportunity to meet the last great master of the Third Theater and explore his work process.

zona limite

The documentary Zona Limite resumes the making of the Festuge, the spectacular theatrical project that Eugenio Barba realizes in the small Danish town of Holstebro, in which one hundred horses, coming from all over Europe, travel together with the border area of ​​the Danish coast, breaking into the city.

(Non-subscription event - single ticket € 15 full, € 10 reduced)

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