Popoli DOC

The collaboration between Festival dei Popoli and the independent distribution company CG Entertainment has led to the creation of "POPOLI doc", the DVD and VOD series entirely dedicated to the best documentary films.

“POPOLI doc” gives an important contribution to the promotion and distribution of documentary cinema, being the only series dedicated to nationally produced documentaries on the Italian market.
The collaboration began in 2011, with the establishment of the distribution award "Cinemataliano.info - CG Entertainment", awarded to the best film in the Italian Competition section at the Festival dei Popoli - International Documentary Film Festival. Inaugurated in 2013, the "POPOLI doc" home video series stands out for its wide variety of titles, with works that have been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, films of high cinematic quality capable of satisfying the most demanding viewers. Each title is the result of careful research and is presented in an elegant edition, with dedicated graphics, in-depth text and extra content. Distribution takes place nationwide (in record shops, home video shops, bookshops) or it can be purchased online.
Starting in 2019, CG Entertainment inaugurated its new portal, CG Digital, in which the "POPOLI doc" films are also available in a Digital Download version. Also starting in 2019, the Prize for the DVD and Digital Download edition "POPOLI doc - CG Entertainment" is awarded to the best film presented in the Italian Competition section.
Starting with the 2020 edition of the Festival dei Popoli, the films in the "Habitat" section will also compete for the Digital Download Award. 

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