Young Jury Day 64 festival dei popoli

Call Young Jury Day - 64° Festival dei Popoli

Are you between 14 and 18 years old and want to be part of a documentary film jury?

Join the Young Jury Day of the 64th Festival dei Popoli and vote for the winning film in the Popoli for Kids and Teens section!

The day will take place on Sunday, November 5, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Cinema Astra in Piazza Cesare Beccaria 9, Florence.

Nominations are open from October 11 to November 1! Register now!

Over the course of the day, the boys and girls will see the selected films, discuss the documentaries together, have the opportunity to express their views and discuss them with the other jurors and moderators, socialize with peers over meals (with a staff on hand for breakfast and lunch), and finally vote using a system of special ballots.

Voting results will be made public during the official awards ceremony of the 64th Festival dei Popoli to be held at La  Cinema La Compagnia on the evening of Saturday, November 11.

Jurors will receive accreditation to attend all screenings of the 64th edition of the Festival dei Popoli and will be able to participate in the "Become a Reporter" workshop curated by Echivisivi.

"Become a Reporter" workshop

Accompanied by the supervision of professionals in the field, the Young Jury of the Festival dei Popoli 2023 will be able to become the protagonist of the live storytelling of the day dedicated to children's documentary cinema through the simple use of cell phones.

Freely created material at specific times of the day will be able to be shared with the professionals present, learning how to do better what young millennials instinctively know how to do and trying to share it more professionally through a structured and defined narrative. Learning to narrate with images in short, as cinema does, watching it first, doing it later.

Chronoprogram of the day

09:30 Admission to the Astra cinema
09:30 Delivery of badges, booklets, pens and instructions for Become a Reporter activity
09:45 Admission to the theater and welcome greetings
10:00 Film CHILDREN OF MAVUNGU (70')
11:10 Plenary discussion
11:30 Breakfast and Become a Reporter
12:10 Film POURQUOI ON SE BAT (70')
13:20 Discussion.
13:40 Lunch and Become a Reporter
15:00 Film REMEMBER MY NAME (65')
16:10 Plenary Discussion
16:30 Voting and Become a Reporter
16:40 Evaluation questionnaire and upcoming events
17:00 Greetings and exit from the cinema


Films Children and Youth in Competition

A film by Mirjiam Marks (Netherlands, 2023, 70')

Deep in the Surinamese rainforest, a mysterious god named Mavungu observes and watches over the children who live there. Yoseva, Kenny and Maticha face the last year of elementary school in their village, between the excitement of growing up and the fear of leaving the forest to live in the city, where they can find more opportunities for their future. How will they manage without being able to bathe in the river every day? Will they be able to recognize and avoid the dangers of the city? Amid fears and expectations, ancestral rituals and forest deities accompany and support them during this important time of transition and growth. (s.b.)

A film by Etienne Camille, Solal Moisan (France, 2023, 70')

Camille Etienne, a young activist decides to set sail in a boat with two friends on a journey to the edge of the world to see for herself the effects of climate change. This will be only the first leg of an elaborate odyssey that will lead the protagonists to test themselves, first of all with their own fears and contradictions. While the immobility of action reigns at the top of world power, the documentary narrates with breathtaking photography the metamorphosis of nature in consonance with the transformations of the young protagonists, who are capable of intimately questioning themselves in a rapidly changing world.

A film by Elena Molina (Spain, 2023, 65')

After crossing the Melilla border from Morocco, Ihsane enters the sisters' "Divina Infantita" reception center, where Assia and Nuhaila live. Hamza turns 18 and must leave La Purísima, the reception center for unaccompanied boys, and start fending for himself. They arrived all alone in Melilla, but have found a new family: the NANA dance company. After months of hard rehearsals, with a demanding teacher who wants to bring out all their strength and make them stars, they are selected to participate in a famous TV talent show, where they experience a mirage that seems to take them away from their reality for a few days and that vanishes in an instant when the spotlight goes out.

Discussion and debate

After each documentary, in original language with Italian subtitles, time will be set aside for debate, moderated by a facilitator. During the debate, jurors will interact dynamically and critically, expressing their views, problematizing opinions and impressions from a technical and content perspective. There will be space to ask good questions, to listen to other jurors and to initiate an initial thoughtful reflection on documentary cinema. An exercise in awareness, responsibility and comparison, before making the final evaluation at the end of the day.


    • Membership in the panel is free and open to all(s)
    • The number of participants is limited. Jurors will be selected in chronological order of registration based on age
    • Registration is done by filling out an online questionnaire (in the questionnaire it will be possible to report any food allergies that will be taken into account in the day's menu)
    • Each participant will need to bring a signed parental permission slip (downloadable PDF)
    • Each juror will be provided with all individual materials for the day: notepad badge, pen and ballot
    • Reservations will be possible from Oct. 11 until Nov. 

For information and questions:

We look forward to seeing you!

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