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Jury and awards

International Jury 63rd Festival dei Popoli

The international jury of the 62nd Festival dei Popoli is composed of:

International Competition Award

The international jury will award the following prizes:

- Best Short Film Award (duration: up to 30 minutes): € 2,500.00, equally divided between director and production;
- Best Medium-length Film Award (duration: between 31 and 60 minutes): € 4,000.00, divided equally between director and production;
- Best Feature Film Award (duration: over 60 minutes): € 8,000.00, divided equally between director and production;
- “Gian Paolo Paoli” plaque for the Best Anthropological Film.

Italian Jury of the 62nd Festival dei Popoli

The Italian jury of the 62nd Festival dei Popoli is composed of:

Italian Competition Award

The Italian jury will award the following prize:

- Best Italian Documentary Award: € 3,000.00 divided equally between director and production.

Other festival prizes


CG Entertainment  distribution award for the best film in the Italian competition section
The award offers the winner the opportunity to be published on DVD in the "POPOLI Doc - The Festival dei Popoli series" distributed throughout the country and On Demand distribution on major digital platforms.


CG Digital on demand distribution award for the Best European Film in the Habitat section
The distribution houseCG Entertainment offers the winning European film the opportunity to be distributed on demand on the platform.

“Diritti Umani” Award - Amnesty International Italia
Diritti Umani” prize is awarded by  Amnesty International Italia to one of the films selected in the 63rd edition of Festival dei Popoli.


Distribution award in the "Unmissable" room
The "Unmissable" prize will be awarded by the programming manager of  La Compagnia together with his staff. The winning film will be held in programming at La Compagnia for a period to be agreed with the production / distribution.


"Il cinemino" theatrical distribution award
Il Cinemino” is a cultural project born in Milan in 2018. The prize will be awarded by the founding members to the film that best embodies commitment, social value and innovative language. The winner will be scheduled during a dedicated evening and held in programming in the following days.


AMC Best Editing Award
AMC - Associazione Montaggio Cinematografico e Televisivo , Italian association of cinematographic and tv editing, will bestow the best Editing Award to one documentary of the Italian Competition.


Premio Sartoria Immagine Digital Cinema
Sartoria Immagine Digital Cinema was founded in 1995 and is a film and television video post-production laboratory, with the possibility of working remotely. The prize offers the winning project among those developed during the Itineranze Doc workshop a bonus for the realization of color correction. The bonus covers 2 shifts of 7 hours.


Premio SudTitles “Il cinema per tutti”
SudTitles Palermo has been working since 2011 to promote film culture, producing various services including subtitles, subtitles for the deaf and audio descriptions for the blind. The prize, awarded as part of the "Itineranze Doc" workshop, offers the winning work the realization of the audio description of the film and uploading to the SudTitles app. Award from the Public Side
The festival audience will express their preferences on the films presented in the International Competition and in the Italian Competition by voting

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