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Doc at Work - Future Campus

Beginning in 2017, Doc at Work - Future Campus has three main objectives: 

  • To propose itself as an observatory from which to look at the future of international documentary filmmaking through the works of a generation of emerging filmmakers who are being or have been trained in European schools in recent years;
  • To activate a training space to offer young filmmakers useful tools and skills to develop their practice in the field of documentary cinema thanks to meetings with filmmakers and other protagonists of the cinema/audiovisual field, willing to share knowledge and experiences; 

To establish itself as a reference point for the young generation of documentary film professionals in Italy, offering a permanent platform for meetings and collaborations, with a view to internationalisation and professional growth.

The three actions combine and feed off each other, stimulating the participants' training, supporting the creation of international professional networks and the exchange of skills and experiences, and fostering the emergence of future collaborations. The aim is to build a meeting space that can mark an important step in the individual trajectories of all participants, offering them an opportunity for visibility, tools for their professional practice and a network of contacts to develop future projects.

News Doc at Work - Future Campus

Tomorrow’s film laboratory

10 October 2022

At the Doc at Work – Future Campus of the 63rd Festival dei Popoli, a path of excellence presenting a selection of the most interesting talents of contemporary cinema to imagine the future of real cinema.

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