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Masterclasses and Meetings

Masterclass by Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval

Thursday November 25, cinema La Compagnia, 11:30 am - Free admission
(French with simultaneous translation into English)

Restless and seductive, unstable, and vibrant, the cinema of Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval has been reinventing itself for forty years to escape the rules of an increasingly homologating film industry to soar towards new forms of the art of moving images.

At the center there is research for the political gesture, as men keep testing themselves in the society, testing their possibilities to create new relationships, new thinking, and new communities.

The two directors will hold a Masterclass on Thursday, November 25 at 11:30 am at the Cinema La Compagnia, thanks to their presence in Florence for Burning Borders, the first retrospective ever dedicated to their film production.

In collaboration with Embassy of France, Unifrance, Florence French Institute, Italy French Institute.

After this appointment the two directors will be in France to hold a personal exhibition at the Centre Pompidou from December 2nd , 2021 to January 2nd , 2022.

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Masterclass by Michelangelo Frammartino

Wednesday November 24, cinema La Compagnia, 11:30 am - Free admission
(Italian with simultaneous translation into English)

Among the most different and relevant directors who have emerged on the international scene in the last 10 years there is Michelangelo Frammartino. His work always starts from a "physical" relationship with a place, an environment whose specific characteristics goes way beyond the concept of location. In this sense, Michelangelo Frammartino fills his films with a vital energy and a breath that is not only human but that comes also from earth and its elements.

Frammartino will meet the public on the morning of Wednesday, November 24, at the Cinema La Compagnia, at 11:30am.

On the same day, the director will receive the "Renewable Energy" award, new at the 62nd Festival dei Popoli, at the Cinema La Compagnia at 9.00pm.

In collaboration with Enegan Art, CNA Firenze, CNA Toscana and CNA Toscana.

Exhibition: Il Segno del Reale: The pictures of Michelangelo Frammartino

Cinema La Compagnia from November 20 to November 28 - Free admission

Il Segno del Reale shows the storyboards made by the director for Le quattro volte, Alberi, Tarda primavera and Il buco, allowing us to retrace the filmography of the director through the early images that inspired it.

In collaboration with Enegan Art, CNA Firenze, CNA Toscana and CNA Toscana.

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Festival dei Popoli: Meetings

From the side of the beholder - with Eugenio Barba

Sunday, November 21 at 6.00pm - Teatro Cantiere Florida (via Pisana 111/R) - Event out of subscription - single ticket € 15 full, € 10 reduced

Eugenio Barba will be there during the screening of the documentary Zona Limite made by Stefano di Buduo and dedicated to the work of the revolutionary theater director. The meeting will be followed by the event From the side of the beholder, which will see Eugenio Barba, Stefano di Buduo and Julia Varley talking with the audience on the relationship between theater and cinema.

In collaboration with Murmuris.

POP CORNER - meetings on the edge of reality

From November 22nd to November 26 at 7.00pm, Sala Paradiso del 25HoursHotel (Piazza di S. Paolino,1) - Free admission

Pop Corner offers five meetings to talk about genre, imaginary, environments, cultures and generations. During the talks, exceptional guests will meet the public to provide original reading keys on the real and current issues raised by the documentaries scheduled at the 62nd Festival dei Popoli.

Between nature and culture: problems of Western naturalism

Wednesday, November 24 at 11:00am - Aula Magna of Rettorato Unifi (Piazza San Marco 3) - Free admission

A meeting organized by Nada Breda and Silvia Lelli, to reflect on the relationship between nature and cultures. Philippe Descola will hold a conversation with Eliza Levy, director of Composer les mondes and other guests.

The meeting is part of the Habitat section, carried out with the support of Publiacqua.

New horizons for audiovisual archival heritage

 Thursday, November 25 at 10.15am - Mediateca Regionale Toscana (via San Gallo 25) - free admission

The Cinema Area of Fondazione Sistema Toscana and the Archive of Festival dei Popoli propose New horizons for audiovisual archival heritage dedicated to the digital archival patrimony, a deepening on some innovation elements in the sector to facilitate the access and the use of audiovisual archives.

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