Italy | 2023 | 70 min

Who was the scientist Galileo Galilei, and who are his heirs today? In a short-circuit of past and present, Galileo’s life and thought are reflected in the enterprises of contemporary young researchers and scholars. On the 400th anniversary of the publication of The Assayer, Galileo’s book in which he combined his love for science and truth and his polemicist’s wit, this documentary depicts the exciting adventure that paved the way for free thinking. Ranging from history to science, from art to literature to current topics, and making complex, articulate issues accessible to everyone – a constant effort throughout his life – the film mixes observational approach (the work of present-day researchers), animation (Galileo’s life), archives, and interviews to scientists, science historians, and leading figures of culture. The voice of actress Lucia Mascino escorts us throughout our journey of discovery. (a.s.)


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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 05 Nov 2023
  • Time: 5:00


Cinema La Compagnia
Cinema La Compagnia - Via Camillo Cavour, 50/R, 50121 Florence
Carlo Borean


Carlo Borean

Carlo Borean is a film director and DOP mostly working with short films and documentaries. In 2022 he wrote a short film for the Museo Galileo in Florence, later developed into the feature documentary Galileo (R)evolution (2023).

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