Austria, Germany, France | 2023 | 205 min

The tormented fortunes of two brothers, children of an elderly parent now suffering from dementia, alternate in Ulrich Seidl's lengthy film. In Rimini, the once successful crooner Richie Bravo now only performs for an audience of elderly tourists, forced from time to time to prostitute himself or rent out his villa to make a living. And when his daughter, abandoned at an early age, pops up in his life to ask for everything she has been denied, the situation becomes even more complicated. Ewald, on the other hand, lives in Romania, where he works as a technical engineer. He leaves his fiancée when some of his hidden impulses take over, to the point that he quits his job and his woman and moves to the hinterland, where he opens a judo school that could help him quell his inclinations. A poignant work on the absence of mothers and on two figures of failed fathers, a sorrowful climax to the cinema of a very lucid observer of our times. (a.s.)

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Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 05 Nov 2023
  • Time: 14:30


Cinema La Compagnia
Cinema La Compagnia - Via Camillo Cavour, 50/R, 50121 Florence
Ulrich Seidl


Ulrich Seidl

Ulrich Seidl is an Austrian director, writer and producer. He began his career with a series of award-winning documentaries including Good News (1990), Tierische Liebe (1995) and Models (1999), and his debut feature film, Dog Days (2001), won the Grand Special Jury Prize in Venice. Between 2012 and 2013 , he directed his award-winning “Paradies” trilogy, which premiered in the Cannes, Venice and Berlin competitions.

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