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Film submissions for 65th Festival dei Popoli are open

Submissions for the 65th Festival dei Popoli are now open! Download the Regulations and register your documentary through the online procedure.

The registration of the films at the pre-selection involves the payment of a fee of € 15.00 as reimbursement of secretarial expenses.

Deadlines for online registration are based on the film production date:

April 15th, 2024 for every film produced before March 2024;

June 15th, 2024 for every film produced before May 2024;

July 15th 2024, for every film produced after June the 1st  2024 (included) or still in progress (in this case we must receive a rough copy of the work in progress).

Late submissions: Late film submission can be accepted (limited to the days between July 16th to 31st 2023) but involves the payment of a fee of € 25.00.

We look forward to receiving your documentary!

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