Jury Day

Are you between 14 and 17 years old?

Do you want to be part of a documentary film jury?


Become a member of a documentary film jury for children:

you will see the 3 selected documentaries and vote for the winner of the Peoples for Kids and Teens section of the 61st edition of the Festival dei Popoli - the Florence International Festival dedicated to documentary films that this year will take place online in the virtual room PiùCompagnia in collaboration with MYmovies.it!

On Sunday 22 November, young people will be the protagonists: an audience made up of young people between 14 and 17 who will become jurors for a day, electing the best documentary in the Popoli for Kids and Teens section!

The Young Jury Day of the Festival dei Popoli will be online: instructions will be sent to each juror by email to view the three films online from home during the week of the Festival from 15 to 21 November.

It is possible to involve the whole family in the vision, but only the registered jurors who will see the three films in full will be able to discuss and vote live on Sunday 22nd Zoom.

On Sunday 22 November from 10.00 to 12.00 the jurors will be able to connect online on the Zoom platform (we will send the access data shortly before the start) where they will deepen together with the moderators, connected live from the Cinema Stensen, the films seen, speaking in chat, before to vote. It will be an opportunity to discuss with the other jurors, expressing their point of view. There will be room to ask good questions, to listen to the other jurors and mature their choice in view of the final vote.

The results of the vote will be made public during the official awards ceremony of the 61st edition of the Festival dei Popoli to be held online on the evening of Sunday 22 November. All participants and their families are invited to follow the ceremony live!


The films are in their original language with Italian subtitles. The documentaries in the competition are:


LO QUE DIRÁN by Nila Núñez Urgell, Spain, 2017, 61 '

Two Muslim teenagers who build and defend their identity by discussing tradition and change through an activity proposed to them at school. Between laughter, rebellion and affection, the two girls share desires and doubts while reflecting on the cultural, social and symbolic values ​​of the traditions linked to their origins. Each with their own personality and identity (very different from each other), they will understand that stereotypes and prejudices are the worst weapon against tolerance and respect for others.


ASYLUM by Victor Ridley, Belgium, 2019, 52 '

Several thousand unaccompanied foreign minors arrive in Belgium every year. Most of them seek asylum, such as Sahil, a 15-year-old Afghan boy. After a year of living from one shelter to another, Sahil joins a host family. This new environment is the hope of a more stable life, pending the verdict of the Foreign Office.


THE OPEN WINDOW by Daniel Oxehandler, Will Sloan, Alfred Birkegaard Denmark, USA, India, 2018, 58 '

As India races against time to allow its entire population to surf online, Deepa and Jaya - two young girls from a poor neighborhood in Delhi - are introduced to the internet for the first time through an online learning lab in their school. . Their time in the laboratory opens up a whole universe of new ideas, possibilities and perspectives, and provides them with new ways of thinking about school, about themselves.



Participation in the jury will be open to all and the jurors will be selected on the basis of age and with the prior consent of their parents.

Participation is free.

The maximum number of participants is 70, divided with a territorial quota and reservations are made in chronological order.

The young jurors will receive via email the link to view the films, the in-depth material, the video-interviews of the directors, the voting sheet and the certificate of participation.

It will be possible to book from October 29th to November 14th inclusive, by filling out the online form.

For information and questions:


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