Alina Marazzi at the Festival dei Popoli

From July 1 to 27, the Festival dei Popoli pays tribute to Alina Marazzi on the occasion of Apriti Cinema, a summer arena at the Piazzale degli Uffizi as part of the "Estate Fiorentina" calendar of the City of Florence.

It is a journey into the world of the filmmaker that anticipates her presence at the 63rd edition of the festival (Nov. 5-13) as curator of a special edition of the 'Diamonds Are Forever' section of the festival's archive.

"We are very happy to host Alina Marazzi in Florence with her films," said Festival dei Popoli artistic director Alessandro Stellino, "because it means paying tribute to a director who has marked a new path for documentary cinema in Italy and beyond. That's why we have decided not only to pay tribute to her but also to invite her to personally curate the Diamonds Are Forever section, dedicated to documentary classics and gems to be rediscovered within the endless archive of the festival whose 63rd edition will be held Nov. 5-13 in Florence. It will be an itinerary aimed at recounting the gaze and work of so many filmmakers who, over the decades, have returned a new idea of the world and of cinema outside all conventions."

Program of Festival dei Popoli
Apriti Cinema 2022

FRIDAY, JULY 1 21:30 In the presence of Alina Marazzi

Italy, 9’, 2020, v.o. italian

The film stems from the proposal made by Maria Grazia Chiuri to Alina Marazzi to confront the work of artist Lucia Marcucci and pay homage to her through her personal gaze. Lucia Marcucci is among the most representative figures of the verbo-visual experimentations of the Italian neo-avant-garde since the 1960s; the use of words and the reflection on the female image accomplished by Marcucci find full expression in collage and resonate in Alina Marazzi's film work. The technique of collage, beloved by Dior's Artistic Director, reverberates in that "cutting is thinking" coined by Germano Celant to which she refers in the Spring-Summer 2021 ready-to-wear collection and which the director uses as the title of the film.

Italy, Switzerland, 52', 2016, v.o. Italian

Famous for her eccentric outfits, a close friend of designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace, Castelbajac and Manolo Blahnik, Anna Piaggi witnessed the contamination between art, society and culture that changed fashion and decreed its success on a global scale. The film retraces the story of this exceptional journalist by touching on the fashion capitals-Paris, London, Milan-and making use of a selection of archival images, unpublished photographs from the photographic archives of Alfa Castaldi- Anna Piaggi's husband and well-known fashion photographer- Ugo Mulas, Baldo Fabiani, and the testimonies of some of the world's best-known fashion designers.


Italy, 10', 2014, v.o. Italian
Part of the anthology film 9 x 10

Rows of hooded men laboriously climb the slope of a snowy slope, pulling heavy gears by means of large ropes. A blizzard rages around them, overlaid with the blizzard of scratches and the grain of 100-year-old film. Soldier-children aged prematurely silently emerge from a trench: their gaze questions us, with all the load of a question left unanswered. In a peasant court, the community dances to celebrate the oath of a young couple who carry with them the promise of tomorrow... Archival materials from the Istituto Luce are composed by the director with the complicity of a text by the poet Mariangela Gualtieri.

Italy, 55', 2002 v.o. Italian, German English; sott. Italian

The film leads the viewer into the delicate and touching terrain of memory, through the reading of diaries, letters and medical records from the nursing homes in which Liseli Marazzi Hoepli spent long periods before she died by suicide when her daughter was only 7 years old. Through these texts and images from family films made by her grandfather since 1926, Alina Marazzi rediscovers her mother, reconstructs her face and celebrates her in the time of a film. An epoch-making documentary based on nostalgia as a feeling that unites. A sweet and necessary ingredient in overcoming a loss.


Italy, 83', 2012, v.o. Italian with: Charlotte Rampling, Elena Radonicich

Pauline returns to Turin after a long absence and, for work, starts attending a maternity center run by her dear friend Angela. She manages to comfort Emma, a struggling mother, and tries to overcome a ghost from the past. A reflection on motherhood, its effects, its metamorphoses in the relationship with oneself and one's body, in the bonding and difficulties one has with one's children and even with one's partner. But in "Everything About You" there is also behind the construction of a story that starts from the director's experience and with a deep root in reality. It is in this subtle ambiguity, in the shattering of genres at the center of the film, that one of the filmmaker's driving motives for this work can be found.


Italy, Switzerland, 85', 2007 v.o. Italian

Anita, Teresa and Valentina come from different regions of Italy and belong to different social classes, yet they are united by the fact that they are women and by an equal claim: they no longer recognize themselves in a patriarchal, macho, marital society that would like them to be efficient mothers, obedient wives and upstanding daughters. The stories, true and exemplary, transcribed in the private diaries of these young women show the most intimate and personal reasons behind this social revolution, from the awareness of the female condition to the questioning of male supremacy, to achieving a radical revision of the man-woman relationship.

Apriti Cinema is the festival organized by the Quelli dell'Alfieri Association with programming curated by  Cinema La Compagnia - Fondazione Sistema Toscana, as part of the  Estate Fiorentina 2022 program of the City of Florence.

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