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Raymond Depardon e Claudine Nougaret

With Raymond Depardon and Claudine Nougaret
Running time: 66' | Language: French (with Italian subtitles)
Available for one month starting June 23.

This film lecture, as well as those that will follow, is named after the names of our prestigious interlocutors but we could have entitled it "On Image and Sound," signaling the importance - complementary and equal - that these two great filmmakers assigned to the visual and sound dimensions of their works.

The encounter, both professional and affective, between Raymond Depardon (photographer, cinematographer, filmmaker of planetary fame) and Claudine Nougaret (producer, director and sound director) gave rise to an exemplary union in which the two artists engage in an extremely fruitful dialogue between their respective fields of expertise, giving rise to exemplary achievements, such as the famous "Profils paysans" trilogy, the result of a method of investigation of reality that is, at the same time, anthropological observation and personal gaze; chronicle of daily life and pictorial attention to the rural and human landscape; prose and poetry.

In this meeting, made as guests of honor at the 53rd Festival dei Popoli and moderated by Carlo Chatrian (at the time our collaborator, now artistic director of the Berlinale), Raymond Depardon and Claudine Nougaret, authentic masters also in the art of exposition, address some essential questions: where to place microphones and camera in an inhabited space without compromising the spontaneity of those present? Why use the sequence plan in documentary cinema? What sounds, other than words, are essential to a film?

"Cinema Lessons" is a series of appointments curated by the Festival dei Popoli Archives, which you will find on the Più Compagnia platform, the virtual hall of the Cinema La Compagnia in Florence (managed by the Area Cinema of Fondazione Sistema Toscana) and on the Vimeo channel of the Festival dei Popoli.

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