Diários de Otsoga is the opening film of the 62nd Festival dei Popoli

The new and highly anticipated film by Miguel Gomes and Maureen Fazendeiro “Diários De Otsoga” will inaugurate the 62nd edition of the Festival dei Popoli on November 20 at the Cinema La Compagnia in Florence.

Shot during the quarantine, the poster of the new edition is linked to the film: “a masterpiece out of every scheme - underlines Alessandro Stellino, artistic director of the festival - an artistic gesture that is also a hope for the future, beyond the pandemic”.

"Diários de Otsoga (The Tsugua Diaries) asks the viewer to share his hilarious and playful spirit and pushes him not to ask himself questions about the truthfulness of what is shown to him, in the awareness that cinema - even the most strictly documentary - is always and first of all staging. This was precisely one of the guiding criteria of our selection work for the program and we are delighted that to represent it is a masterpiece out of any scheme".


The film is a festive tribute to cinema as a shared creative act and recounts the vicissitudes of a troupe committed to shooting a feature film during the most acute phase of 2020 restrictions.

"Diários de Otsoga" is a work in which the narration of the story is intertwined with the lives of its own protagonists, housed in a Fazenda in the Portuguese countryside, without ever being too clear what happens in the reality of everyday life or in the fiction of the mass in scene.

Another peculiarity of the work is the back story mechanism (otsoga = August): the film begins with the last day of production and ends with the first, in which all the staff at work are summoned to listen and learn the provisions. anti-Covid illustrated by the health manager.

Present during the event, Miguel Gomes and Maureen Fazendeiro, gave life to a magical, dreamy, light and melodic film like a sonata, but at the same time brilliant for how it claims the need for an even more free and personal cinema in an epoch painfully marked by the pandemic and by a crisis of the seventh art apparently irreversible.

The event is organized with the support of the Camões I.P.Embassy of Portugal.

The 62nd edition of the Festival dei Popoli is realized with the contribution of MiBACT - Direzione Generale CinemaRegione ToscanaComune di FirenzeFondazione Cassa di Risparmio di FirenzeFondazione Sistema Toscana.

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