The cinema of Klotz and Perceval at the 62nd Festival dei Popoli

Burning borders is the retrospective of the 62nd Festival dei Popoli, dedicated to the cinema of Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval, curated by Daniela Persico, member of the Festival Selection Committee.

The two French documentarians will be in Florence from 20 to 28 November to present their scheduled films, meet the public and participate in round tables and workshops for professionals and non-professionals.

Through their art, the two directors are able to investigate reality and the deepest social dynamics, adopting an extraordinary variety of artistic forms ranging from documentary to fictional cinema, from installation art to film theater.

The confrontation with the experience of social, political and economic violence, as well as the themes of hospitality and racial integration are the basis of the works of Klotz and Perceval, in which the clear awareness emerges that to understand the world it is necessary to explore it and live it through men, their stories and with the awareness of “making films to restore reality”.


The retrospective, organized in collaboration with the French Embassy, ​​the France InstituteMurmuris e Unifrance, presents a selection of 15 works that will be screened in 3 different locations in the city:

The documentaries will be screened at the  La Compagnia cinema and at the  Spazio Alfieri:

  • Let’s Say Revolution (Nous disons révolution) - France, 2021, 127' (Italian premiere)
  • Hamlet in Palestine (Hamlet en Palestine) - France, 2017, 92'
  • Mata Atlantica - France, Brazil, 2016, 34'
  • Friday 13 - France, 2016, 48'
  • L'Héroïque Lande, la frontière brûle (The Wild Frontier) - France, 2017, 219'
  • Low Life - France, 2011, 128' (* Fiction film)

The France Institute of Florence will instead be the official venue for the screenings of fictional films. Scheduled:

  • Paria - France, 2000, 125'
  • Four White Nights (Saxifrages, Quatre Nuits Blanches) - France, 2020, 74'
  • Heartbeat Detector (La question humaine)  - France, 2007, 143'

The latest preview from the program of the Burning borders retrospective is the screening of the Project Castellucci trilogy at the Teatro Cantiere Florida with:

  • Go down Moses - France, 2015, 62'
  • Schwanengesang D447 - France, 2015, 61'
  • Le cerveau couleurs - France, 2015, 48'

On the occasion of the 62nd edition of the Festival dei Popoli Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval will hold a free Masterclass at the Cinema la Compagnia di Firenze, a unique opportunity to meet the two authors closely, their art and their vision of reality.

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